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Recycling centre permits and regulations

From 4 March 2024, anyone visiting a recycling centre to dispose of bags of general waste may be required to sort the bag on site to ensure all recyclable materials are removed and placed in the correct containers.

From 4 March 2024 there will be new limits on the amount of building materials (soil, rubble, ceramics, and plasterboard) that you can bring to our recycling centres. You can bring two 50-litre bags, or one bulky item (e.g. bathtub / basin / toilet), each time you visit, with maximum of four visits in a 4 week period.

In order to provide a service which is safe to use and fair to everyone, we have a number of regulations at our recycling centres.

General regulations

Select a section below to find out what items we do and don't accept, the services we charge for, and any permits you may need to visit with a larger vehicle or trailer.

Who can use our centres

You can only use our recycling centres if you are a Bath and North East Somerset resident. You will need to bring some identification to show that you live in the area.

Examples of proof of residence 

Any of the following identification is acceptable:

  • Driving licence
  • Discovery card
  • Council Tax bill
  • Recent utility bill

Our centres are for householder use only, and not for business waste. We monitor usage and can ask you about the type of materials you have brought to the centre.

WarningWe will take further action, if we suspect your rubbish or recycling is business waste, and is not from your home.

Find out about our business waste services

When you can visit

Please check the website page for the opening hours and times for your chosen recycling centre before setting out:

You will need to book an appointment to visit our Bath or Midsomer Norton recycling centres. 

Restricted items

You need to let us know in advance if you're bringing certain potentially dangerous items to our recycling centres, such as asbestos. You can check our recycling A-Z page to see if you need to do this, or to see if there's a limit on the type of item you want to bring. We can refuse entry if you haven't let us know, or if any item is over the limit we can accept.

Assistance on site

Staff at the Recycling Centres will not usually be able to assist you in moving or lifting items from your vehicle. However, for visitors with disabilities or reduced mobility, special assistance can be requested from a member of staff on site if required.

Please note that if assistance is provided, staff cannot be held responsible for any damage to residents' vehicles when doing so, and will not be able to assist with items that may put them at risk of personal injury.


You need to apply for a permit if you bring certain larger vehicles, such as a van or small lorry or a car with an added trailer from 1.8m to 2.4m long, to our recycling centres. These permits are free of charge, but there are some restrictions on when you can use the centre, and we won't allow these vehicles entry without one.

Vehicles needing a permit

If you want to bring any of the following vehicles to a recycling centre, you'll need a permit:

  • Camper van, people carrier (MPV), Land Rover Defender without rear and/or side windows
  • 4x4, minibus or people carrier (MPV) without rear seats
  • Trailer between 1.8m and 2.4m in body length (excluding frame)
  • Pick-up truck (including Land Rover Defenders)
  • Any van (including box vans and crew cabs with bulk heads at rear) up to and including 3.5 tonnes
  • Agricultural vehicle , up to and including 3.5 tonnes in weight(see note below about tractors)
  • Horse box with integrated cab, up to and including 3.5 tonnes

You need to re-apply for a permit each time you have a new vehicle. Please also note that we will cancel your permit if you try to illegally get rid of business waste.

Vehicles not allowed on site

We regret that none of the following vehicle types are allowed in any of our recycling centres:

  • Trailer over 2.4m (8ft) in body length
  • Any combination of a van or pick-up truck of any size, with an additional trailer
  • Any flatbed vehicle of any size
  • Any vehicle carrying waste from commercial or business activity
  • Any vehicle over 3.5 tonnes gross weight
  • Tractor

When permit holders can use our recycling centres

If you have a larger vehicle or trailer requiring a permit, you can only use our recycling centres on the following days:

  • Tuesdays
  • Wednesdays
  • Thursdays
  • Saturdays

Hired vehicles

You don't need a permit if you bring a hired van or trailer to our recycling centres, but you must provide a hire agreement which shows that your use of the vehicle is temporary. We can only admit hired vehicles of up to 3.4 tonnes gross weight. Although you don't need a permit to use a hired vehicle, the standard limits on the materials you can dispose of still apply.

Apply for a permit

Your responsibilities for waste disposal

You are responsible for the legal and safe disposal of any waste that your household produces. Depending on the type and amount of waste, there are a number of different ways of doing this:

Please note that there is a limit for building waste (soil, rubble, ceramics and plasterboard) at our household recycling centres of two 50 litre bags, or one bulky item, per week with a maximum of four visits in a 4 week period. If you have more than this, we recommend finding a licensed private contractor to remove your waste.

Steps you should follow, when using a private contractor for waste disposal

You are legally responsible for using a reputable contractor who doesn't fly tip or dump your waste illegally.

  • Check whether they are a register waste carrier on the Environment Agency website 
  • Ask what will happen to your rubbish and ask for evidence that it is going to be disposed of appropriately
  • Refuse any unexpected offers to have your rubbish taken away
  • Don't let anyone take your waste until they have proven themselves to be legitimate. A professional waste carrier should happily answer reasonable questions
  • Ask your waste carrier for paperwork confirming the job: an invoice, waste transfer note or receipt, including a description of the waste being removed and the waste carrier’s contact details
If you fail to dispose of waste correctly
Under the Waste (Household Waste) Duty of Care (England and Wales) Regulations 2005, you must take reasonable measures to ensure that waste produced on your property is passed on to an authorised person.
It is an offence to pass on waste to an unauthorised person, or to fail to take all reasonable measures available to meet your duty of care. You could face prosecution and, if convicted, a fine and criminal record.
If fly-tipped waste is traced back to your household, even if someone else left the waste there on your behalf, you as a householder could be held responsible and fined £300 as part of the Section 34 (2a) Environmental Protection Act 1990.

Report fly-tipping