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Keynsham Recycling Centre

Changes to recycling centres

From 4 March 2024, anyone visiting a recycling centre to dispose of bags of general waste may be required to sort the bag on site to ensure all recyclable materials are removed and placed in the correct containers.

From 4 March 2024 there will be new limits on the amount of building materials (soil, rubble, ceramics, and plasterboard) that you can bring to our recycling centres. You can bring two 50-litre bags, or one bulky item (e.g. bathtub / basin / toilet), each time you visit, with maximum of four visits in a 4 week period.

The new Reuse and Recycling Centre is accessed via World’s End Lane, which has been widened to a two-way road with a dedicated cycle path and footpath.


You are advised to use the signposted route via Broadmead Lane roundabout and Ashmead Road.

Layout of the new Keynsham Reuse and Recycling Centre

Layout of the new Keynsham Reuse and Recycling Centre

Learn more about the new Keynsham Recycling Hub project

Worlds End Lane, Keynsham, BS31 1TW

(Access via Ashmead Road)

Opening hours

Day Hours
Monday to Friday        8am to 4.15pm
Saturday 9am to 3.45pm
Sunday 9am to 1pm
Bank holidays 8am to 3.45pm
Warning Last entry to the site is 15 minutes before closing time. Please don't arrive after this or you will be turned away.

This recycling centre is closed on Christmas Day (25 December), Boxing Day (26 December) and New Year's Day (1 January).

Before you arrive

Before you come to the recycling centre:

  • Sort and group your items together so you can unload quickly
  • Bring proof of address with you in paper or digital format (e.g. your most recent Council Tax or utility bill)
  • Be aware that staff cannot be relied upon to move or lift items from your vehicle
  • Don't arrive before the centre opens (you will be turned away if the queue becomes too long to avoid congestion on surrounding roads)

Cycling and pedestrian access

You can visit our recycling centres using a bicycle, but please be prepared to queue. We encourage you to make full use of your kerbside collections before bringing items to our recycling centres on a bicycle, as they are usually very busy.

There is a dedicated cycle path and footpath on World’s End Lane which provides access to the recycling centre. Pedestrian access is for people travelling to the site by public transport or on foot.


You must tell us in advance if you are bringing asbestos to our Keynsham recycling centre. You can use the booking form below, or call us 24 hours in advance to book your visit on 01225 39 40 41.

We can take cement bonded asbestos only - maximum of 3 unbroken sheets, drainpipe/guttering (max size 6ft x 3ft) double wrapped and sealed.

Book in asbestos for disposal

When you arrive

When you arrive, there will be at least one member of staff to help manage the traffic, and another controlling the gate. They will advise you when you can enter and guide you where to go. Please also be aware of the following:

  • Staff at the entrance will check proof of residency and to see your permit (if you are using a vehicle that requires one)
  • Pay attention to container labels and only put your rubbish or recycling in the correct container
  • Don't use containers that have a barrier across them
  • Follow staff instructions at all times as they are there to ensure you and everyone else is kept safe

Potentially dangerous materials

Bringing paint to the recycling centre

Water-based emulsion paint

Only bring empty water-based emulsion paint containers (plastic or metal), or ones with hardened water-based emulsion paint inside to our recycling centres. We cannot take any tins that still have liquid emulsion paint in them (add sawdust, sand or soil to the container, or buy a paint hardener and leave the lid off until the paint becomes solid and dry).

Solvent based paint, paint thinner, stripper, toxic paints and white spirit

Solvent based paint, paint thinner, stripper, toxic paints and white spirit can be brought in full or partially full, and placed in our hazardous waste area for specialist disposal.

Bringing building materials to the recycling centre

Please remove taps, handles, toilet seats, and other non-ceramic items from sinks and toilets. These items are recycled separately from ceramics, removing them helps ensure all items are recycled correctly and reduces contamination. If you are unable to remove these items, when on site please place items in the general waste container for bulky waste only. Our Team on site can help direct you to the correct container.

Bringing upholstered seating furniture to the recycling centre

Most upholstered seating contains flame retardant chemicals. These improve fire safety at home, but can be very damaging to our environment, if they reach drains, rivers or other watercourses. The government has introduced guidance, stating that we must keep this sort of furniture separate from other recycling materials on our sites. If you bring items like this to the site, please check with our staff about where to place them, so that we can process them safely.

Reuse Shop

If you wish to donate any items to the reuse shop, they must be clean, unbroken, and in working condition. Items can be donated at any of our three recycling centres during opening hours, please see a member of the reuse shop staff or a site attendant to check your items are suitable. For more information please visit the Keynsham reuse shop.