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Find out what goes in your rubbish bin or bag, when it's collected and what you can do to help us collect it. You can also order larger bins or replacement bins or bags and tell us if you're moving.

WarningWe can fine you for dumping large bags of rubbish in public litter bins instead of your using your allocated household black bins, or for leaving your bins out after your collection day. If you have extra rubbish items, please take them to your nearest recycling centre, or save them for your next collection day.

Rubbish collection

We collect rubbish every other week in a wheelie bin or a re-usable rubbish bag (RRB). Find out when your next collection day is using our collection day finder.

What goes in your bin or bag

Your rubbish is generally left-over waste that you cannot recycle.

Yes, please

The following items can go in your rubbish bin or bag:

  • General household waste (that can't be recycled)
  • Nappies
  • Tissues and wipes
  • Plastics we can't recycle
  • Broken glass (must be wrapped securely)

No, thanks

The following items cannot go in your rubbish bin or bag:

For a list of individual items and where to recycle them, please see our recycling A-Z page.

Putting your rubbish out

To help us collect your rubbish, please take note of the following:

  • place your rubbish in a wheelie bin or RRB at the front edge of your property (you can check your bin collection day online
  • place your rubbish in tied black sacks before placing in your RRB (if using one)
  • put your rubbish out by 6am on your collection day (or no earlier than 8pm the night before)
  • close your bin lid

If you live in the city centre of Bath, please don't leave your rubbish on railings or steps between collections.

Order a bin

You can order a replacement bin or RRB, or larger bin (if eligible).

Order a replacement bin or RRB

If your rubbish bin or RRB gets damaged, you can order a replacement (we may charge you for repeat requests).

Order a new bin online

Order a larger bin

To order a larger bin, one of the following must apply to you:

  • There are more than six people living in your home
  • You have two or more children in full-time nappies living at home with you
  • You have a medical need

Order a larger bin online

Moving home

If you move, you must leave your rubbish bin or RRB at your old home.

Larger bins

If you have a larger rubbish bin which we've allocated to you instead of to your home, you must take this with you when you move. Please email or call 01225 394041 to let us know your new address.

You can also contact us if you have a query about your bin allocation.