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Order a large waste item collection

Find out which large items from your home we can and can't collect, how much we charge to collect them and how to order a collection.

Items we collect

We collect a maximum of 10 items. Examples of items we collect are:

  • Fridge freezers
  • Fence panels
  • Single wardrobes
  • Internal doors
  • Up to two black sack full of smaller items (for example, toasters and kettles)

Collection charges

If you receive Council Tax Benefit, Housing Benefit, Disability Living Allowance, or you are a student in full time education, living in off-campus student accommodation with a council tax exemption, you pay a discounted rate as shown in the following table.

Charges from 1 April 2023
Items Cost Discounted rate
1 to 3 items £34.25 £17.12
4 to 6 items £59.90 £29.95
7 to 10 items £74.40 £37.35

There will be a price increase from 1 April 2024:

Charges from 1 April 2024
Items Cost Discounted rate
1 to 3 items £36.65 £18.32
4 to 6 items £64.09 £32.04
7 to 10 items £79.93 £39.96

We categorise a bed frame and a mattress as two items, and a dining table with chairs, or a three-piece suite, as three items.

Items we don't collect

We don't collect the following items:

  • Large American fridge freezers
  • Double-length range cookers
  • Sofabeds (unless dismantled)
  • Carpets
  • Soil, earth, stones, concrete, bricks or building rubble
  • Broken up sheds and garages
  • Oil tanks and coal bunkers (concrete or metal)
  • Tiles and fittings
  • Storage heaters
  • Glass
  • Vehicle parts of any kind (tyres, engines etc)
  • Hazardous items
  • Paint
  • Garden waste
  • Pianos
  • Garage doors
  • Patio doors and windows
  • Boilers
  • Garden chemicals

Check what you need to do if your booking includes upholstered seating

Upholstered seating includes items, such as:

  • sofas
  • armchairs
  • kitchen and dining chairs
  • futons
  • sofa beds
  • cushions
  • bean bags
  • stools
  • futons
  • office chairs (with coverings such as fabric, leather, synthetic leather and foam materials)

Upholstered seating can contain flame retardment chemicals which are environmentally damaging. These chemicals improve fire safety, but cause serious problems if they enter drains, rivers or other watercourses.

We can collect these items as part of our large item waste collections, but must handle and dispose of them carefully. To protect the environment, the government has issued new guidelines about this. You will need to take the following precautions before arranging for us to collect any types of covered furniture:

  • If any of the covering of your furniture has signs of damage, such as rips and tears, you will need to tape these over securely, so the underside of the covering or the stuffing inside is contained.
  • If you take apart any large item, such as a sofa bed or futon, you will need to wrap each part, so none of the internal fabric or stuffing is exposed.

Other ways of getting rid of your large items

If we can't collect your large items, you could donate, recycle or dispose of them elsewhere.


There are a number of local charities who accept reusable items, in good condition. The Genesis Furniture Project collects your unwanted furniture from your home, to sell at a low price to anyone on a low income and the wider area of Bath.

Local Facebook pages, notice boards or websites like Freegle are a great way to see if anyone else might have a use for your items.


If your items can be recycled but aren't small enough to fit in your green recycling box, you could take them to one of our recycling centres.


If your items can't be recycled, you could hire a registered waste carrier to get rid of them. Or, you could take some large items to get rid of at one of our recycling centres.

Putting your items out for collection

Place your large items outside the front of your home by 7am on the day of your collection.

Order a collection

You can order and pay for a collection online.

Before you start you will need:

  • Details of the items you want collected
  • A credit or debit card to make a payment

Order a collection online

Other ways to order a collection

You can call us on 01225 39 40 41.