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Food waste

Recycling and rubbish collections update

Summary of changes to rubbish and recycling collection times:

  • Collections now start an hour earlier from 6am
  • Crews may arrive earlier or later in the day than previously
  • Collection times are likely to vary throughout the summer
Read more about changes to collection times

We are reviewing our operating times to help our crews during the hot weather. Rubbish and recycling collections will now start from 6am (instead of 7am) and will finish later than usual.

Please ensure your containers are at the front edge of your property by 6am on your collection day or from 8pm the night before.

Collection times are likely to vary on your collection day and you may need to leave your bins out longer than normal. Once containers have been emptied please bring them back in as soon as possible on your collection day to help keep your street tidy.

Find out how to use your kitchen caddy and food bin, what we do and don't collect, and what we do with your food waste.

We collect your food waste every week. Find out when your next collection day is using our collection day finder.

WarningIf you live in a flat, you may have a communal food waste bin next to your recycling bins. Empty your kitchen caddy into this bin.

Using your kitchen caddy and food bin

Take note of the following guidelines for using your smaller kitchen caddy (5 litres) and larger food bin (23 litres).

  • line your kitchen caddy with a plastic carrier bag, compostable liner or newspaper (no black bags or bags for life)
  • empty your kitchen caddy into your larger food bin outside before it gets too full, if you have one (if using newspaper to line your kitchen caddy, wrap up your food when you empty it into your food bin outside, so it doesn't get stuck when we collect it)
  • lock your kitchen caddy or food bin by pulling the handle forward to keep out animals
  • rinse your caddy and bin regularly.

Food waste we do and don't collect

Yes, please

For a complete list of food items we collect, please see our recycling A-Z page.

No, thanks

We don't collect any of the following items in your food waste:

  • Packaging
  • Liquids
  • Oil (large quantities)
  • Fat
  • Cutlery or plates

What happens to your food

We recycle your food in to electricity, and if every home in Bath and North East Somerset recycled its food, it would create enough electricity to power 1140 homes for a year. Watch this video to find out how we recycle your food into electricity.