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Green recycling box

Find out what goes in your green recycling box and what doesn't, when it's collected and what you can do to help us collect your recycling.

We collect your recycling every week (except for your chargeable garden waste which we collect every other week). Find out when your next collection day is using our collection day finder

What goes in your green recycling box

WarningPlease do not put any nappies, tissues, wipes, wrapping paper or batteries in your green recycling box. Batteries are a known fire risk to our vehicles and recycling plant.
Why we no longer collect wrapping paper

Unfortunately we cannot accept any wrapping paper for recycling, the reason for this is that whilst our paper has always been recycled in the UK, large amounts of paper from the UK has historically been exported abroad and over recent years as the demand for recycling in the UK has increased, so has the required level of quality of the material that we send to the paper mills.  Wrapping paper, particularly at Christmas is normally contaminated with glitter, tape, bows or tags where people do not or can’t remove them all prior to recycling, in addition a lot of wrapping paper is also made from low grade paper whereas the paper mills prefer higher quality paper.

If we send loads for recycling that contain too much wrapping paper, they could reject the whole load so none of it is recycled, which is why we have said not to recycle any wrapping paper to reduce the risk of this happening. 

If you have two green recycling boxes (55 litres), please separate your recycling as detailed below. If you live in a flat, you may have communal recycling bins instead of a green recycling box.

1. Paper, glass and other items
Material Full list of individual items Further instructions
Paper Recycling A-Z Cardboard and brown paper go in your blue recycling bag
Glass bottles and jars Recycling A-Z Labels and lids can be left on
Small electrical items Recycling A-Z Place in a carrier bag
Batteries Recycling A-Z Place in a carrier bag at the top of your green recycling box. Car batteries go next to your box.
Engine oil and oil filters Recycling A-Z Place in sealed engine oil containers. Drain and wrap oil filters in plastic bags to avoid leaks.
Textiles and clothes Recycling A-Z Place in a carrier bag (must also be in good re-usable condition)

Broken glass does not go in your green recycling box - put this in your rubbish bin, as long as it's wrapped up securely to prevent injury. Please also keep paper and glass separate in your box.

2. Plastic and cans
Material Full list of individual items Further instructions
Plastic pots, tubs and trays (used to contain food and drink) Recycling A-Z No black plastic, plastic bags, film or polystyrene
Metal packaging and foil Recycling A-Z No crisp packets or paper backed foil
Cans and aerosols Recycling A-Z No crisp packets or paper backed foil
3. Batteries
Batteries must be placed in a tied bag on top of your box. Never leave them loose in your recycling box. Batteries pose a fire risk to our vehicles and plant if mixed with the wrong materials.

You can download and print out labels (sticker 1 and sticker 2) to stick on your green recycling boxes, or to place within your home, as a reminder on how to sort materials. If you would like us to send you sticker labels, please call us on 01225 39 40 41.

We also collect clothing and textiles, small electrical items, and batteries with your green box recycling. We can only accept clothing and textiles that are clean, dry, and in reusable condition. Please place these items in a tied carrier bag on top of your green box. We can't take uniform, quilts, duvets, pillows, cushions, rugs or curtains - for more information, check our Recycling A-Z.

We will only collect small electrical items which fit into a tied carrier bag (hairdryers, mobile phones (including batteries and chargers), kettles, toasters etc.)

Putting your recycling out

WarningWe can fine you for leaving your boxes out after your collection day, for blocking pavements, or, if you live in the city centre of Bath and leave your recycling box on railings or steps.

To help us collect your recycling box, please take note of the following:

  • put your recycling boxes at the front edge of your property where we can see them
  • put your recycling boxes out by 6am on your collection day (or no earlier than 8pm the night before)
  • bring your emptied boxes back in on your collection day as soon as you can
  • if you live in the city centre of Bath, don't leave your boxes on railings or steps
  • don't put out large or hazardous items

Moving home

If you move, you must leave your green recycling box at your old home.