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Order a box, bag or bin

You can order a recycling or rubbish container using our online form.

We will deliver your container within 30 days. Your rubbish bin is usually delivered within 14 days.


You can order the following items using our online form:

You can order more than one green recycling box. If you live in central Bath, you may receive green sacks instead of boxes.

Order a recycling box, bag, bin or caddy online


You can order a replacement rubbish bin (or reusable rubbish bag) or larger bin (if eligible). If your bin is lost or stolen, you will be required to cover the cost of a replacement. We charge £20.93 to cover the cost of the bin and delivery. Replacement bin charges are non-refundable and available for delivery only.

Order a replacement bin

If your rubbish bin or bag gets damaged, you can order a replacement (we may charge you for repeat requests).

Warning If you need a bin removed or replaced, please make sure it is emptied before collection.  Rubbish and empty bins are collected by separate crews.

Order a replacement bin online

Replace a bin that has been lost or stolen

You can order a replacement for a lost or stolen wheelie bin online. You will be charged £20.93 for the replacement bin.

The charge for replacement wheeled black bins was agreed in our budget for 2022 to 2023 help offset the purchase and delivery costs associated with providing a replacement stolen bin.

Replace a lost or stolen bin

Order a larger bin

To order a larger bin, one of the following must apply to you:

  • There are six or more people living in your home
  • You have two or more children in full-time nappies living at home with you
  • You have a medical need 
Warning If your medical waste includes sharps or more than a bag or two of clinical waste per fortnight, you'll need to book a separate clinical waste or sharps collection

Order a larger bin online

Garden waste

Request a new garden waste collection

You can either order a 240 litre bin (107cm x 58cm x 73cm) or 140 litre bin (106cm x 49cm x 55cm).

Request garden waste collection online

Change amount of bins or stickers

To add more garden waste wheelie bins, you need to pay your annual subscription first. Then you can use the button below to change the amount of bins/stickers online.

To decrease your number of garden waste wheelie bins, you need to complete our online form first. Then pay to renew your garden waste subscription.

Change amount of bins/stickers online

Garden waste sacks

You can also buy garden waste sacks. Please see our garden waste page for more information.