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Local requirements for planning applications

Coronavirus update - planning permission regulations

In order to support businesses who prepare food and supply chains for food retailers, the Government has relaxed some planning regulations. Click on a topic below to view the information in detail.

Pubs and restaurants operating as hot food takeaway outlets

The Government has relaxed permitted development regulations for 12 months so that pubs and restaurants can  operate as hot food takeaway outlets without needing permission for change of use. Find out more here.

The Council will not investigate any enforcement complaints against pubs and restaurants operating as a hot food takeaway premises. Owners of such businesses must notify the Local Planning Authority if they intend to change the use of their premise by emailing identifying your business name and address.

Additional licencing help
Operators of pubs and restaurants may still be subject to licencing laws and are encouraged to contact the Council’s licencing team by emailing

Delivery restrictions to retailers

The Government has relaxed restrictions on the times that deliveries can be made to shops. It is vital that deliveries of food, sanitary and other essential products over the coming weeks can be made as quickly and safely as possible. Find out more.

The Council will work with the retail sector to minimise the impacts on residents. However, minimising disruption to the supply chains on which our communities depend is vitally important so the Council will not take enforcement action that would affect deliveries of essential supplies. 

There is a huge range of different sorts of planning application, depending on the current use and status of the site, and the development you're proposing. To find out which application type you need, go to the Planning Portal. Once you know your type of application, you can view the local checklist for documents you'll need to supply below.

For all types of application, please ensure that you supply documents and plans in line with our best practice guidance.

Permission in principle

Prior approvals and notifications (including agricultural and changes of use)

Prior approval - new agricultural development

Prior approval - change of use

* = Covers Associated Operational Development
= Only applicable for sites outside of the Central Bath area
= Covers any land within original curtilage 
§ = Application to determine if prior approval is required

Prior notification

Prior approval -  new development

Prior approval -  temporary use

Prior approval - demolition

Appropriate Alternative Development (in the case of a Compulsory Purchase Order)