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Local requirements for planning applications

New requirements for planning applications

As we implement our Local Plan Partial Update, some policies are gaining weight in the planning application process. If you are preparing an application, or have a live application, please take particular notice of the following requirements:

Sustainable Construction standards

This policy applies to the following application types:

  • All new residential development (1 dwelling or more)
  • Major new non-residential development
  • Medium existing building applications

From 15th January 2023, these applications need to meet the requirements, and complete the reporting templates, set out in the updated Sustainable Construction Checklist Supplementary Planning Document (SPD). Applicants will need to be aware of higher sustainable construction standards set in the LPPU, and of the increased standard in the SPD for the provision of information required with your application.

Biodiversity Net Gain

This policy applies to the following application types:

  • Major applications
  • Minor applications

From 1 November 2022, these applications need to submit Biodiversity Information with planning applications.

Householder, change of use and permitted development applications are exempt from the full BNG requirements, but are expected to deliver habitat and species enhancements.

See our Guidance Note to find out what Biodiversity information you will need to submit with your planning application

Read more about the background to this policy

There is a huge range of different sorts of planning application, depending on the current use and status of the site, and the development you're proposing. To find out which application type you need, go to the Planning Portal. Once you know your type of application, you can view the local checklist for documents you'll need to supply below.

For all types of application, please ensure that you supply documents and plans in line with our best practice guidance.

Permission in principle

Prior approvals and notifications (including agricultural and changes of use)

Prior approval - new agricultural development

Prior approval - change of use

* = Covers Associated Operational Development
= Only applicable for sites outside of the Central Bath area
= Covers any land within original curtilage 
§ = Application to determine if prior approval is required

Prior notification

Prior approval - new development

Prior approval -  temporary use

Prior approval - demolition

Appropriate Alternative Development (in the case of a Compulsory Purchase Order)