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Certificate of appropriate alternative development

When to make this type of planning application

If you own a property and you receive a compulsory purchase order, under some circumstances, you can apply for a Certificate of Alternative Appropriate Development. This states that other uses for the property in question would, in theory, be appropriate, from a planning perspective.

The regulations in this area are very specific. You can only make an application if one of the following circumstances applies:

  • There has been a compulsory purchase order, published by an Act, or Standing order via the Houses of Parliament 
  • A notice has been served under an enactment of the purchasing authority
  • The owner of the property has received an offer in writing for the purchase of the property

You cannot make an application for property which is one of the following: 

  • An area defined as an area of comprehensive development in the local Development Plan 
  • In an area identified in the local Development Plan for residential, commercial or industrial use (or a combination of these uses)
  • Already the subject of a compensation claim or decision with the Land Tribunal (unless all parties, including the Land Tribunal, agree that the application can be made)

If you wish to read the full legislative detail on this complex area of law, please go to the GOV.UK legal planning guidance

National requirements

All planning applications are subject to a set of National requirements (GOV.UK)

Local requirements

You will need to download, complete, sign and date two copies of the application form below. 

You should add two copies of your site location plan to the submission. Please note the following guidance on how to draw up and submit plans:

  • The scale should be 1:2500 or 1:1250.
  • Indicate the direction of north.
  • Include details of adjoining properties and roads.
  • Mark the boundary of the whole site clearly in red.
  • We may request extra copies of the plan for certain applications.

Download the application form

We strongly advise using a planning agent to assist you with your planning application.