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Get expert advice

We offer a range of high quality professional services, to help you through every stage of the complex planning process.

Before you apply for planning permission

When you're ready to make an application, we strongly recommend that you use a planning agent to assist you through the process.

Our Pre-application Advice Service helps you to better understand the planning process, anticipate potential problems with your scheme, and to ensure you put together a development proposal with the best chance of gaining permission. 

For major and more complex schemes, the Development Team Service offers dedicated support to address all of the issues which may be a factor for your proposal. 

To optimise the design of your development, in addition to our pre-application service, we recommend submitting your proposal to the Design West panel of experts for a design review

At every stage of your application

Planning Performance Agreements offer the opportunity to have more control over timescales and key dates on your development. With a dedicated case handler, we can also contribute to your proposals from the outset, to improve the design quality of your scheme.

When your application is decided

If we grant permission for your development, you may need the services of our Building Control team, to help to ensure that your build is durable, safe and energy efficient .

If your application is rejected, we recommend consulting a planning agent or using our Pre-application Advice Service to explore whether any alternative proposals are more likely to succeed.