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SB 10 Roseberry Place (phase 2)

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This site was granted planning permission in 2015 for a mixed use scheme comprising Build to Rent housing, retailing on the ground floor and an office development of up to 4,500 sqm. The residential element of the development has been completed and is operating successfully, whilst the office element is yet to progress despite being promoted in accordance with an agreed marketing strategy set out in the s106 agreement. The developers for the site are keen to bring forward a second phase of their Build to Rent housing model and there is an opportunity with the Local Plan Partial Update to review the existing site allocation policy to reflect this.

One of the key issues for the city has always been the lack of modern office floorspace, and a key part of the existing strategy has been to secure the provision of new office floorspace to meet this need. This is now being realised with a number of significant projects including the retention, remodelling and successful re-let of 20 Manvers Street, the current development of Bath Quays South and Newark Works, and the planned flagship development at Bath Quays North. In short, office floorspace is being delivered in central locations in the city.

It is within this context and the fact that the office element at Roseberry Place has been marketed for a reasonable period of time, that a change to the site allocation may well be justified, and this approach will be explored in this document.

Key opportunities and constraints

  • 1. There is an opportunity to explore a range of land use options from full residential to a mixed use scheme.
  • 2. This next phase of the Roseberry Place development must better reflect the climate emergency declared by the Council. It is anticipated to be an exemplary development with regards to reductions in embodied energy and in carbon emissions, as well as delivering on renewable energy.
  • 3. That the recently declared ecological emergency must be a core consideration in the formulation of development proposals.

Policy Options (capacity)

1. In terms of land use there are a number of options, as follows:

  • i) Retain the existing policy position of retaining the site for office development
  • ii) Allow a mixed use development with employment uses provided on part of the site, preferably on the ground floor.
  • iii) Allow residential development throughout.

2. If residential uses on this site are supported, then it is anticipated that this could yield at least 80 dwellings.