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Development Management Policies

2.1 The policies in the Core Strategy and the Placemaking Plan provide the principal planning policy framework for determining planning applications and appeals. The policies in the Placemaking Plan were found ‘sound’ in July 2017, so the majority of them are still up-to-date. However, some policy areas need reviewing, or new policies need to be drafted, in the context of the following:

  • Responding to the Council’s declaration of a climate and ecological emergency
  • Replenishing housing supply
  • Changes in national policy guidance or legislation
  • Problems in implementing a policy
  • Updated evidence
  • Acknowledging the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and the importance of the wider determinants of health

2.2 Paragraph 21 of NPPF19 (National Planning Policy Framework) states that “plans should make explicit which policies are strategic policies.” Where a single Local Plan is prepared, the non-strategic policies should be clearly distinguished from the strategic policies. Local Plan Part 1: Core Strategy sets out a strategic planning framework to guide change and development in the District and Part 2: Placemaking Plan covers site allocations and detailed development management policies, and together they address B&NES council’s priorities for the development and use of land in its area. Therefore, it is considered that all policies in the Core Strategy and Placemaking Plan are ‘strategic’ policies.

You can view the original wording for these policies in our current Core Strategy and Placemaking Plan. Where there are small changes to policy wording, words being removed are shown struckthrough, while new wording is shown underlined.