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Policies to be retained and with no amendments proposed

In this Local Plan Partial Update, we are proposing to keep the following policies without any new changes.

To read the text of any of the original policies in detail, follow the links in the table below to view the correct section of the current Core Strategy and Placemaking Plan.

Local Plan section

Policies which will be unchanged

District-wide policies

Spatial strategy

RA1 Development in the villages meeting the listed criteria 

RA2 Development in villages outside the Green Belt (and not meeting Policy RA1 criteria) 

Sustainable development

SD1 Presumption in favour of sustainable development 

Climate change

SCR3 Ground Mounted Solar Arrays 

SCR4 Community Renewable Energy 

PMP:SCR5 Water Efficiency 

Environmental quality

D.1 General urban design principles 

D.2 Local character and distinctiveness

D.3 Urban fabric 

D.5 Building design

D.6 Amenity

D.7 Infill and backland development 

D.9 Advertisements and outdoor street furniture 

H2 Somersetshire Coal Canal and the Wansdyke


NE2A Landscapes setting settlements 

NE2B Extension of residential curtilages in the countryside 

Nature conservation

NE4 Ecosystem services

Green Belt

CP8 Green Belt

Pollution, contamination and safety

PCS2 Noise and vibration 

PCS3 Air quality 

PCS4 Hazardous substances 

PCS6 Unstable land 

PCS7 Water source protection zones 

PCS7A Foul sewage infrastructure 

PCS8 Bath Hot Springs

Meeting housing needs

CS:CP9 Affordable housing 

CS:RA4 Rural exceptions sites 

PMP:H1 Housing and facilities for the elderly, people with other supported housing or care needs

CP10 Housing Mix

PMP:H6 Moorings 

H8 Affordable housing regeneration schemes 

CP11 Gypsies, travellers and travelling showpeople 

Meeting local community and recreational needs

LCR1 Safeguarding local community facilities 

RA3 Community facilities and shops 

LCR1A Public houses 

LCR2 New or replacement community facilities 

LCR3 Sites safeguarded for primary school use 

LCR3A Primary school capacity 

LCR4 Allocation of land for cemeteries 

LCR6A Local green spaces 

LCR7 Recreational development proposals affecting waterways 

LCR7A Telecommunications development 

LCR7B Broadband 

LCR7C Commercial riding establishments

LCR8 Protecting allotments 

LCR9 Increasing the provision of local food growing

Economic development

ED.1A Office development 

Sustaining a buoyant rural economy

RE2 Agricultural development 

RE3 Farm diversification 

RE4 Essential dwellings for rural workers 

RE5 Agricultural land 

RE6 Re-use of rural buildings

RE7 Visitor accommodation

Centres and retail

CP12 Centres and retail

CR4 Dispersed local shops


ST4 Rail freight facility 

ST8 Airport and aerodrome safeguarding areas


CP8a Minerals 

M1 Mineral safeguarding areas 

M2 Minerals allocations 

M3 Aggregate recycling facilities 

M4 Winning and working of minerals 

M5 Conventional and unconventional hydrocarbons


CP13 Infrastructure provision


Site specific policies


B4 The World Heritage Site and its setting 

BD1 Bath design policy 

B2 Central area 

SB1 Walcot Street /Cattlemarket 

SB3 Manvers Street 

SB4 Bath Quays North and Bath College 

SB5 South Quays and Riverside Court 

SB6 South Bank 

SB7 Green Park Station West and Sydenham Park 

SB9 The Bath Press 

SB11 Former MoD Foxhill

SB12 MoD Warminster Road 

SB13 MoD Ensleigh and Royal High Playing Field  

SB15 Hartwells Garage 

SB16 Burlington Street 

SB17 Englishcombe Lane 

B3a Land adjoining Odd Down


KE3a Land adjoining East Keynsham

KE4 Land adjoining Southwest Keynsham

Somer Valley

SSV1 Central High Street 

SSV4 Former Welton manufacturing site

SSV3 Midsomer Norton Town Park 

SSV14 Carlton Timber Yard 

SSV17 Former Radstock County Infants

SSV20 Former St Nicholas School

SSV18 Bath College Somer Valley Campus 

SSV11 St Peter’s Factory/Cobblers Way 

Rural areas

SR24 Land adjacent to Temple Inn Lane

SR17 the former orchard

SR5 Pinkers Farm

SR6 Water Street

SR14 Wheelers Manufacturing Block Works 

SR15 Land to the East of the St Mary’s School 

SR2 Leadfield and RA5 Whitchurch