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Potential Site Allocations: Options and key issues to address

3.16 Based on the spatial strategy outlined above, the sites identified in table 1 below are proposed in order to provide housing to meet the supply shortfall. This includes both reviewing sites already allocated within the Placemaking Plan and identifying new opportunities.

3.17 The sites proposed are primarily focussed within Bath and at Keynsham. These opportunities are sufficient to meet the supply shortfall of around 1,200 homes with a degree of flexibility necessary through the plan-making process. The housing figures referenced in Policies B1 (Bath Spatial Strategy) and KE1 (Keynsham Spatial Strategy) would need to be amended accordingly.

3.18 In selecting these sites regard has been had to the need to retain or accommodate other uses, including employment opportunities, in accordance with the existing spatial strategy for both Bath and Keynsham.

3.19 For each of the sites listed in table x further information is set out on dwelling capacity and key constraints and opportunities to be addressed. In the pre-submission Draft Plan site allocations will be proposed, with a clear policy setting out the key requirements of development and a concept diagram illustrating how these requirements should be met. The proposed site allocations will be subject to viability testing to help demonstrate their deliverability.

Other Housing Site Opportunities

3.20 Whilst the Council consider the sites listed below in Bath, Keynsham and Westfield are sufficient to meet the supply shortfall should it become evident that this capacity cannot be delivered other opportunities would need to be considered in accordance with the spatial strategy outlined above. These opportunities would draw from those identified in and assessed through the Housing and Employment Land Availability Assessment.

3.21 Table 1: Summary of housing sites proposed to meet supply shortfall
Place (and policy reference) Housing capacity
Policy SB7 Green Park West and Sydenham Park 300
Policy SB8 Western Riverside 340
Policy SB14 Twerton Park 90
Policy SB18 RUH 100*
Roseberry Place 80
Station Road 10
Bath sub-total 920
Fire Station 15
Treetops Nursing Home 10 - 15**
Safeguarded land (Policy KE3b) 300
Keynsham sub-total 325
Radco site 50
Westfield sub-total 350
Total at all sites 1,295

*Note: 50 units are already included in the housing trajectory. The 100 figure above is additional capacity. Therefore, the total capacity is 150 dwellings

**Note: 10-15 dwellings figure above is a net increase. The site currently provides 40 bed spaces. Through redevelopment this could increase to 55-60 C2 extra care homes

3.22 In addition to housing on the sites identified above there may be potential for residential development to be delivered on the Bath Spa University Campus at Sion Hill (estimated capacity of around 60 homes). This housing would only come forward under the option set out in Section 2, whereby Bath Spa University consolidates its presence in the Locksbrook Road area, thereby meaning that it would release Sion Hill for residential development. As this is an option at this stage the housing is not included in the supply outlined above.