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Policy SB14 Twerton Park

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The need to update the current facilities of Bath City Football Club and to optimise the comprehensive regeneration of the area to the north has long been recognised, and recently there has been a concerted effort on the part of the club, working in partnership with the owners of the development fronting onto Twerton High Street, to address this potential. Development proposals have been formulated and a planning application (Ref: 19/02276/FUL) was submitted in 2019. This was refused at planning committee on the grounds of poor design, harm to the conservation area, harm to residential amenity and lack of parking.

Despite this, there continues to be potential for development to take place which supports the long term future of the club and its important role within the both the local and wider community. Undertaken in a creative and sensitive manner, the regeneration of this area offers the potential to not only meet the operational needs of Bath City Football Club, but to also act as the catalyst to secure an economically vibrant, healthy and long term future for Twerton High Street.

The Local Plan Partial Update provides the opportunity to update the existing Site Allocation SB14, providing a more robust planning policy framework that can enable an appropriate development response.

Key opportunities and constraints

  • 1. Providing a specific policy framework that encourages and enables the delivery of the site in accordance with the Council’s climate and ecological emergency declarations.
  • 2. Create the conditions for appropriate regeneration that delivers wide benefits – meeting the commercial requirements of the club, the community benefits to Twerton, economic vibrancy and conservation benefits to Twerton High Street.
  • 3. Opportunity to address local needs such as a neighbourhood employment hub that provides workspaces, meeting rooms, and communal facilities. These could be combined with club facilities.
  • 4. Provide clarity and be more specific on land use/design requirements, including residential development.

Policy Options (capacity)

1. It is anticipated that there is capacity for around 90 dwellings on this site, subject to an appropriate response to the issues of acknowledged importance (see above).

2. In relation to mix of housing types there are two main options:

  • i) The policy require a mix of housing types to be provided, but then leave that mix to be determined by the developer to ensure a deliverable scheme.
  • ii) Subject to evidence the policy provide minimum thresholds of different housing typologies/size.

3. The policy approach could seek to be specific on the range of additional uses required on site (subject to viability).