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On-street parking TRO consultation Autumn 2021

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Why we have TROs

Traffic Regulation Orders (TROs) are the legal documents that restrict or prohibit use of the highway network. They help manage the highway network for all road users, including pedestrians, and they aim to improve road safety and access to facilities. 

We can use permanent or temporary TROs to manage on-street parking, to ensure that this is fair to all road users, and the way that we control and enforce regulations is transparent.

For permanent changes to traffic regulation, we generally only introduce a TRO following a period of research, consultation and discussion of proposals, leading to a decision. We invite members of the public, experts, and councillors to contribute to that discussion, and our Council Cabinet makes the final decision.

How we consult on and implement TROs

The TRO is issued when we are preparing to implement regulations. We are legally obliged to advertise all TROs and give the public an opportunity to state their support or objection to them. These comments will be publicly available after the TRO consultation. The final decision to implement new regulations will be made after the TRO consultation. Once a TRO is sealed, or becomes official council policy, we publish it permanently on our website. It then normally takes a short period for the new regulations to come into force.

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The TRO documents in this consultation

There are 7 TROs, to cover different areas of our district. Each TRO consists of three types of documents:

  • A notice summarising the proposed order on our TRO web pages
  • A report which shows the decisions behind the Order (in this case, there is a single report covering all 7 TROs)
  • A legal order and mapping, showing where and when the Order will apply. The Order will include blanks for dates and signatories, which will be completed if the order is approved and implemented

These are legal documents which have to follow a standard wording and format. You may find the summary of the proposals and scheme map on our What these proposals means for you page are a clearer and simpler way to understand the details of what we are proposing. 

Download the Approval to Progress TRO Advertisement report

Select a link below to view the TRO notices, legal orders and mapping for the area you are interested in. The map codes refer to an alphabetical and numerical grid, to describe the location of the area. Each one shows parking provision and restrictions in detail.

Full Traffic Regulation Order documentation
Area (and TRO number)  Notice and legal order Mapping

Central Bath




f8, f9, f10, f11, g8, g9, g10, g11, g12, h8, h9, h10, h11, h12, i9, i10, i11

North East Bath




g6, g7, h6, h7, i7, j7

South East Bath




e19, f19g13, g14, g15, h13, h14, h15, h16, i8, i12, i13, i14, i15, j8, j10, j11, j12, j13, j14, k12, k13, l12, l13, l14, m13, m14

North West Bath




c7, c8, c9, d7, d8, d9, e7, e8, e9, f6, f7

South West Bath




e10, e11, e12, e13, e14, f12, f13, f14, f15

Keynsham and Saltford




b2, b3, b4, c2, c3

North East Somerset




There is no mapping with this Order, as the regulations apply throughout our district

How to access and study the documents

The Orders and mapping documents are in PDF format. You can choose to download them, print them or view them online. Please note that the mapping documents represent a lot of data. You may wish to avoid downloading them, if on a mobile device. You will save resources, and may find it easier, to read them on-screen rather than printing them.

We have worked hard to make these documents as accessible as possible, but some issues may still remain. If you would like to request an alternative format copy of any document, or part of a document, please email If you have any specific queries about the proposals, please email or telephone our Parking team on 01225 47 71 33 

Hard copies of all the documents have been made available for view at the our One Stop Shops for the duration of the consultation