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On-street parking TRO consultation Autumn 2021

What these proposals mean for you

View the full details of our parking controls

Our terms and conditions for on-street parking permits give the full details of how we will manage and enforce on-street parking controls. We have a legal duty to publish these. They explain how each parking permit type that we issue will work:

  • Where the permits will apply
  • Who each permit is for
  • How many permits you may be eligible for
  • How to buy, renew and activate or use a permit
  • Any prohibitions or limits on permit use
  • What each permit will cost, and (where appropriate) the basis of the charges

View the parking permit terms and conditions in full

Our on-street charges cover the costs of parking in all of the streets in Bath where Pay & Display parking is available. They show the time limits for parking in different streets, and how we are phasing in a modest price increase over the next three years.

View our proposed on-street Pay & Display parking charges

Learn how the proposals may affect you

Below is a very brief summary of the most important policy changes being brought in with the Traffic Regulation Order (TRO), and the impact they may have on you. Select a section to read in more detail.


We are introducing emissions-based permit pricing, meaning that the cost of your permit will be related to the emissions produced by your vehicle. For some people, this may result in a significant rise in the cost of your permit.

We are introducing several measures to make permits more affordable, and to offer more flexibility, and reduce the risk of wasting money on a cancelled permit, if you are planning to change your vehicle:

  • We are introducing one-month and three-month duration permits, so you can now choose to have a permit for one, three, six or twelve months
  • We are removing the previous surcharge on six-month permits, so now three-month and six-month permits will both be charged pro rata, at the annual rate
  • Only one-month permits will have a surcharge, to cover transaction fees. We have set this at the low level of 62p per month, making a total additional cost of £7.44 per year
  • You can automatically renew one-month, three-month and six-month permits, up to a maximum period of one year. This should offer convenience, but still allow us to validate addresses for eligibility

In line with the extension of on-street Pay & Display parking charges to include Sundays, we are also extending all Residents Parking Zones to also include Sundays. This will ensure more spaces are available for you and your visitors when using a permit. 

View the terms and conditions for Residents' Parking Permits, including proposed costs for emissions-based permits

Blue Badge holders

Normally, a Disabled parking bay is only for the use of Blue Badge holders, or vehicles in which you are a passenger. However, there are currently some exemptions from these restrictions, allowing vehicles which are loading or unloading, including scaffolding vehicles, to park in Disabled bays.

As part of this TRO, we are proposing to remove these unintended exemptions. This means that Disabled parking bays will only be available for Blue Badge holders when the restriction applies.

Users of on-street Pay & Display parking

We are updating our charges for on-street Pay & Display parking, with small rises to take effect over the next three years, and the extension of charging hours, to include Sundays. We are also removing the previous 10% discount on Pay & Display charges which was available to Bath residents when paying for on-street parking within the city.

We are balancing these modest charging increases with more investment in support of active travel at a number of locations throughout the city.

View current on-street parking provision and charges

View proposed future on-street parking time limits and charges


If you visit a resident in an area with controlled parking, they can give you a permit for your stay using a digital permit system. We are making minor changes to the cost that the resident will have to pay to buy blocks of Visitor Permits, and also introducing half-day permits, where paper permits are available.

View the terms and conditions for Visitor Parking Permits

View formats and costs for Visitor Permits
Where a resident is eligible to buy permits for their visitors to use, these bundles are available:
  • Digital
  • 100 hours
  • Paper (where available)
  • 10 x one-day permits
  • 20 x half-day permits

We are proposing the following costs per bundle of Visitor Permits:

  • From TRO implementation to 31 December 2022: £1.50
  • 1 January to 31 December 2023: £1.75
  • 1 January to 31 December 2024: £2

Businesses and professional permit holders

We are making some minor changes to the charges for Trade Permits, and parking permits for medical and social care staff. Choose a permit type below to view the full detail of the terms and conditions.

Hotels, guest houses and holiday let permit holders

All previous permit types for visitor accommodation will now become a single Hotel Permit type. This permit type will only be available to you if your business or property pays Business Rates, and already has an existing Hotel, Guest House or Holiday Let Parking Permit at the time the TRO is sealed (or becomes our official policy). We are expecting this date to be around 6 January 2022.

After feedback from our first consultation, we are introducing inner and outer zones, corresponding to existing Residential Parking Zone (RPZ) boundaries, to manage parking for hotel guests:

  • Inner Hotel Zone (where most guest accommodation is located)
  • This includes Central Zone, Zone 1 and Zone 6 RPZs
  • Permits will only allow parking in council long-stay car parks
  • If you are a guest holding a Blue Badge, your Hotel Permit will allow you to park on the street in the RPZ occupied by your accommodation (but you must display your Blue Badge)
  • Outer Hotel Zone
  • All other zones
  • Permits will only allow on-street parking in the relevant RPZ

We will provide you with a digital permit account free of charge, and you will only have to pay for each use of a digital permit, in accordance with our terms and conditions. As of October 2021, this charge will be £15 per 24-hour period, to run from noon until noon the following day. 

View the terms and conditions for Hotel Parking Permits