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On-street parking TRO consultation Autumn 2021

The purpose of this consultation

This is the last stage of consultation on proposals for how we manage controls for on-street parking in our area.

Our previous consultation

We ran a public consultation to get your detailed feedback on the central elements of these proposals in April 2021. This included proposed terms and conditions for the range of parking permits that we issue, monitor and control as a council. We have recently updated these terms and conditions, combining feedback from this consultation with additional wider council policy.

Read the report and Council paper based on feedback from this consultation

This consultation

In order to enforce the proposals outlined in this consultation, we have to publish a Traffic Regulation Order (TRO). We have a legal duty to advertise any TRO, and to invite public comment. We are now consulting again, to invite you to state your support or objection to the TRO, and give your reasons.

This consultation is not for the discussion or debate of details of the proposed policy. This was done in the first round consultations, and in Council Cabinet based on the results of that consultation. This proposed TRO is the result of that process.

If you need to get in touch

If you would like clarification, have a question about this consultation, or require any documents in another format, you can email our team on Once you're ready to respond, please use our online consultation form.