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Request help with putting your rubbish or recycling out

If there's no one at home able to move your rubbish or recycling to the edge of your property for collection, we can do this for you. You can apply using our online form or by phone.

WarningWe can collect your rubbish or recycling from the ground level within the front boundary of your home (up to 20m from the kerbside). However, we won't collect from inside or from the back of your home (including from sheds and garages).

Before you apply

Our form will ask you to briefly explain why you're unable to move your rubbish or recycling to the edge of your property, and if your request is approved, where you intend to leave your rubbish or recycling. We may need to visit your property to assess your chosen collection point.

Request help

Request help online

By phone

Alternatively, you can call us on 01225 39 40 41.

Next steps

We will contact you to either discuss your needs further, or to confirm that we've approved your assisted collection.

Please note, we will regularly review all assisted collections, to ensure they are still needed.