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Whole Life Carbon Assessments (new policy)

2.22 Whole Life-Cycle Carbon (WLC) emissions are the carbon emissions resulting from the materials, construction and the use of a building over its entire life, including its demolition and disposal. A Whole Life Cycle Carbon assessment provides a true picture of a building’s carbon impact on the environment. For example it takes account of the embodied energy of the materials.

2.23 Whole Life Cycle Carbon Assessments have been introduced by the Greater London Authority in the draft London Plan and we are learning from the London approach and from other emerging approaches in this area. The policy in London requires a Whole Life Cycle Carbon Assessment for applications referred to the mayor which includes developments of over 150 dwellings. The policy currently only requires the assessment to be submitted, there is no required threshold in terms of carbon emissions, however individual boroughs can set thresholds.

2.24 The West of England Authorities are working towards updating the evidence base to explore the possibility of introducing Whole Life Cycle Carbon Assessments as part of future policy.

Consultation Reference DM 4

New Policy Whole Life Cycle Carbon Assessment

The use of a performance threshold to demonstrate reduction in the Whole Life Cycle carbon emissions of new buildings is being considered.

Option 1: For all large scale major developments. Large scale major developments are defined as more than 50 dwellings, or 5,000m2 or more of floor space.

Option 2: For all major development defined as 10 dwelling units, or 1000m2 or more of non-residential floor space.

Measures that can be taken by smaller scales of development are also being considered.