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Ecological Networks (amendments to Policy NE5)

2.48 The NPPF 2019 sets out that planning policies and decisions should contribute to and enhance the natural and local environment by ‘establishing coherent ecological networks that are more resilient to current and future pressures.’

2.49 Under the Environment Bill it is proposed to require the development of Local Nature Strategies across England. B&NES Council is part of the West of England Nature Partnership (WENP), the designated Local Nature Partnership (LNP) for the West of England which is working in partnership to restore the natural environment in the West of England through embedding the value of nature in decision making across spatial planning, public health and economic development.

2.50 It is proposed to update Policy NE5 to support ecological networks and nature recovery as follows:

Consultation Reference DM 10

Policy NE5: Ecological Networks and Nature Recovery

Development proposals will be expected to demonstrate that a positive contribution will be made to ecological networks Nature Recovery Networks as shown on the Policies Map and for maintaining or creating local ecological networks through habitat creation, protection, enhancement, restoration and/or management.

The planning policies and Policies Map will be updated to reflect nature recovery networks which will replace ecological networks mapping.