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Lyncombe Residents Parking Scheme Consultation

Residents: what this means for you

If your property has no space for off-street parking

You will be entitled to up to 2 permits for your address.

You will need to register for a residents' parking permit using MiPermit.

You will need to assign your permits to specific vehicle registrations. You can change these at any time, but a permit can only be registered to one vehicle at a time.

If you have visitors to your property, you will need to ensure they have a valid visitor permit. You are entitled to up to 1000 hours of visitor permits per year, which you can buy in blocks of 100 hours for £10. You can manage your visitors permits through MiPermit.

If your property has space for off-street parking

Your eligibility for residents' parking permits depends on the off-street parking your property has. A parking space is defined as an area at least 2.5m x 5m in size which can be accessed from the road by a vehicle.

Permit entitlement
Off-street parking space Number of permits
1 space 1
2 or more spaces 0

You will need to use any off-street parking spaces that you have access to.

You'll also need to use visitor permits for any visitors that need parking.

If you are a Blue Badge holder and have no suitable off-street parking

If you, or a member of your household, are a Blue Badge holder and you keep a car at your address, you may be entitled to a disabled parking bay. If you are eligible, we will mark a bay on the road near your home, free of charge.

It is not necessary to have a permit to park in a disabled bay within a Residents’ Parking Zone, but a valid Blue Badge must be correctly displayed in the vehicle at all times if parked in such a bay. Blue Badge holders still need a valid permit to park in a permit holder bay.