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Lyncombe Residents Parking Scheme Consultation

Businesses: what this means for you

If we introduce a Residents' Parking Zone to the Lyncombe area, we will also need to control business-related parking. To cover this, we are proposing two types of business parking permit to operate in the zone:

  • for visitors to the business
  • for vehicles used by the business

Your business will be able to apply for a maximum of two permits, in any combination of the types available (for example, one visitor and one business vehicle, or two visitor, or two business vehicle).

Parking for your visitors

You can apply for a permit to be used by any visitors to your business. This could be customers, suppliers, or any other type of visitor.

This type of permit is not vehicle specific, meaning that many different vehicles can use it. It can be used by any visitor while they attend the business, as long as they drive one of the following:

  • a passenger vehicle
  • a car-derived van
  • a goods vehicle

Parking for your business vehicles

A business vehicle is classed as one that is owned or operated by your business, is used in conjunction with a business or school, and requires daily on-street parking.

You can apply for a permit to be used by business vehicles. These permits are vehicle specific, and you will need to provide a registration number when you apply. Only that vehicle will be able to use that permit.

Parking for your staff

A business permit cannot be used to provide staff parking. We would encourage staff to use more sustainable methods of transport, such as the Park&Ride, or local bus services.

Dual use bays

There will be a number of bays classed as 'dual use'. This means they are available for unlimited parking by residents' permit holders, or up to 3 hours, on payment of a parking charge, by non-permit holders. These bays may serve the needs of any visitors to your business, without you having to apply for a business visitor permit for them. 

How can I get business permits?

Find out more about business permits, including how to apply, on our web pages.