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City centre to University of Bath: Beckford Road and North Road

Detailed plans: for motorists

Measures to make the road safer

Restrictions on through-traffic

We are planning to reduce through-traffic on roads where we are creating a new cycle route. We would like your opinions on the following proposals.

  • Closing North Road to through-traffic on an experimental basis, using a camera enforced ‘bus gate’. This would still allow buses, taxis, emergency vehicles and refuse vehicles through

  • We are seeking views on whether the proposed bus gate should only prevent traffic from driving southbound (uphill), or operate in both directions on North Road

  • Depending on the restrictions operating on North Road, we are considering an experimental one-way restriction in Cleveland Walk, between its junctions with Sham Castle Lane and North Road. If vehicles are still permitted to travel northbound (downhill) on North Road, restricting traffic on part of Cleveland Walk would discourage through-traffic using the road as an alternative to North Road.

Our improvements for pedestrians will also aim to reduce driving speed when approaching the junctions where side streets meet the Upper Bristol Road.

Car parking

It will be necessary to remove on-street parking along Beckford Road where the cycle lane is proposed. This would mean removing 20 spaces between Forrester Road and Beckford Gardens and a time-limited parking bay near the railway bridge which can accommodate 8 cars.

We have identified a number of sections of yellow line restrictions which can be safely removed in order to accommodate more parking spaces. We will remove double yellow lines in Forrester Road to free up parking for 4 cars with Zone 10 permits. In Warminster Road, we will provide a time limited parking bay to accommodate 5 cars and in North Road there will be a time limited parking bay for 3 cars. 

View parking proposals

Instructions on how to use our mapping tool
For an interactive map of the project area, use the button below. On the map, you can click on any section of the marked scheme roads to view more detailed documents:
  • Google satellite images of the current road layout and markings
  • Plan drawings of the changes we are proposing 
Compare current and proposed road layouts