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Parking permits consultation April 2021

Introduction and policy background

Project overview

This consultation is about new proposals for how we manage controls for on-street parking in our area. We have drawn up new terms and conditions for the range of parking permits that we issue, monitor and control as a council, and we are seeking feedback from local people on these proposals.

The parking permit proposals include changes to the following:

  • Introducing emissions-based charging for residents' parking permits (pricing of permits, according to how much pollution individual vehicles cause)
  • Trade permits
  • Visitor permits 
  • Medical and social care permits 
  • Hotel, guest house and holiday let permits 

View a summary of the plans and the rationale behind them in our report. 

Policy background

Air quality, managing traffic flows and availability of parking are all significant issues in our region, particularly in the city of Bath. Whilst these proposals are a separate standalone scheme, they are complimentary to other projects aimed at addressing these issues, including the following:

  • Promoting a major shift to mass transport, walking and cycling, with incentives to reduce the use of more polluting vehicles, in accordance with the UK government National Air Quality Strategy
  • Improving the safety of cyclists and pedestrians through active travel schemes which rebalance priorities on our roads and build on social distancing needs
  • Introducing a Clean Air Zone in central Bath, to encourage less polluting ways of travelling around the city
  • Reducing the effect of motor vehicles on neighbourhoods, particularly residential neighbourhoods, aligning with our policy and work on Liveable Neighbourhoods

If you need to get in touch

If you would like clarification, have a question about these proposals, or require the consultation in another format, you can email our team on Once you're ready to respond, please use our online consultation form.