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Parking permits consultation April 2021

Medical and social care professionals: what this means for you

Whether or not you drive or will need to apply for a parking permit, these proposals will affect everyone who lives, works or travels in the neighbourhoods where we manage on-street parking and surrounding areas. Your opinion about all of our proposals matters, and we would like to hear from everyone. 

Permits you may want to buy

The move towards digital-only services for your Medical or Social Care Parking Permit should make it easier, quicker and more reliable for you to provide for your parking needs, and so to provide support for your patients and service users. You (or your staff) will no longer need to display a paper permit in your vehicle, and your permit will be immediately renewed each year with an automatic online payment.

We are proposing to increase the cost of a Medical or Social Care permit from £60 to £100 per year. This will harmonise the price with the cost of GP permits, and the baseline charge for Residents' Parking permits.

How we'll introduce digital parking stay activation
With the new digital permits, you will activate a free 2-hour parking permit stay each time you use the permit, via MiPermit. This should be enough to cover most medical visits, but if you need to make a longer stay, all you need to do is activate a second permit stay online.
Online parking permit activation can be managed centrally by your practice or business, or individual staff members can do it.

Moving to a digital-only service for Medical and Social Care permits also means that we can collect anonymous data on where and how your permits are used. In the future, this will help us to avoid potential misuse and identify local needs, when we are planning parking provision in areas where more vulnerable residents and patients live. 

View our medical and social care parking permit terms and conditions View our GP parking permit terms and conditions

The impact of changes to other permits

Our proposed changes to Residents' Parking Permits will link the cost of these permits to the CO2 emissions of the vehicle, with corresponding rises in cost for diesel and high engine capacity cars, and reductions for cars which offer zero emissions. In the longer term, we expect this shift in policy to have a positive impact on air quality, reducing the risk of motor vehicle pollution to public health. 

These proposals are part of a wider council strategy to promote more Liveable Neighbourhoods and more active travel, by reducing the number of cars on the road, and making walking and cycling safer. These moves are part of co-ordinated policies to increase community cohesion and physical and mental wellbeing.

Emissions-based pricing and the wider use of digital-only permits are designed to reduce permit misuse and selling on, in turn having an impact on the number of parked cars in neighbourhoods.

We will offer Blue Badge holders a free Residents' Permit for their own vehicle, giving them more flexibility to use their badge to travel in other vehicles when required.