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Parking permits consultation April 2021

Learn more about our proposals

We want your feedback on our new proposals for how we manage on-street parking in our region.

Whether or not you drive or will need to apply for a parking permit, these proposals will affect everyone who lives, works or travels in the neighbourhoods where we manage on-street parking and surrounding areas. Your opinion about all of our proposals matters, and we would like to hear from everyone. 

Learn how the changes may affect you

In the pages that follow, we present a short summary of the main changes we are proposing, and the impact that they may have on key stakeholders, such as residents, businesses, visitors and various professionals. We recommend you read these carefully before responding to the consultation.

We have completed Preliminary Equalities Impact Assessments, to ensure that our proposed changes will not affect any group unfairly. Further ongoing engagement with stakeholders will continue, as part of this consultation process. We will submit and publish an updated and revised Equalities Impact Assessment, alongside the report on the outcome of this consultation. If you would like to see the work we have done so far in this area, please email us at

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View the full detail and how we plan to manage on-street parking

Our terms and conditions for on-street parking permits give the full details of our proposals, and we have a legal duty to publish these. They explain how each permit type will work:

  • Where the permits will apply
  • Who each permit is for
  • How many permits you may be eligible for
  • How to buy, renew and activate or use a permit
  • Any prohibitions or limits on permit use
  • What each permit will cost

To view the full detail of our proposals, and how we plan to manage on-street parking, read our terms and conditions below.

View our parking permit terms and conditions