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Parking permits consultation April 2021

Businesses: what this means for you

Whether or not you drive or will need to apply for a parking permit, these proposals will affect everyone who lives, works or travels in the neighbourhoods where we manage on-street parking and surrounding areas. Your opinion about all of our proposals matters, and we would like to hear from everyone. 

Permits you may want to buy

If your business is a hotel, guest house or holiday let, please view our dedicated page for you

If you normally buy Business Parking Permits for your own business vehicles, or for visitors to your business, these will continue to be available to you, but we will operate services digitally, through MiPermit

If your business provides trade services to customers at their own address (such as fitting and installation, carpentry, building or other skilled services), then the proposed increase in price of Trade Parking Permits will affect you. You may choose to absorb this small additional cost, or to pass it on to your customers.

New Trade Permit prices reflect the cost of parking in city centre areas, in line with our wider Transport and Parking Strategies.

View pricing proposals

We are proposing to raise Trade Permit prices for the first time since 2013. We plan to phase in modest price increases, over three years, as follows:


Proposed Trade Permit price increases
Parking zone Now Y1 Y2 Y3
Central and Zone 1 (hourly charge) £3 £3.50 (£28 max/day) £3.60 £3.70
Outer zones (daily charge) £6.60 £7 £7.50 £8

Trade Permits will continue to allow you to exceed maximum stay times in paid-for short stay parking spaces and residents' parking bays, encouraging you to park your professional vehicles in an appropriate location while working on-site.

View our business permit terms and conditions

View our trade parking permit terms and conditions

The impact of changes to other permits

Our proposals for Residents' Parking Permits should benefit you and your business in a number of ways:

  • The changes we are proposing to make Residents' Parking Permits emissions-based will reduce misuse and resale, and so improve the availability of spaces on the road, making it easier for you to find parking near to the site where you are working.
  • The proposed linking of the cost of Residents' Permits to vehicle emissions aims to encourage everyone to invest in cleaner vehicles, which will have a positive impact on air quality for you and your customers, and working conditions for any of your workforce who are operating outside.