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On-street parking permits terms and conditions - April 2021

Business permits

General information

6.1 We encourage business owners and their visitors to use sustainable modes of transport such as public transport, walking, and cycling, to reduce vehicle emissions and improve air quality for all. We recognise that there are occasions where it is necessary for a business to use a vehicle in order to undertake its services or enable visitors at its premises.

6.2 Business permit holders can park in all on-street resident parking bays within the zone where the business is located.

6.3 A business permit must not be used for staff or owner parking, as a form of commuter parking.

6.4 If you have a change in vehicle, your permit must be updated and proof of business vehicle insurance provided. This can only be done by contacting Parking Services. Email us at or call us on 01225 47 71 33. There is a £10 administration charge for transfering your permit to the new vehicle.

6.5 The charge paid for a business parking permit covers the membership, administration, maintenance, and enforcement of permit schemes, and does not guarantee a parking space. We will not provide a refund if a permit is no longer required or unable to be used.

6.6 There are two types of permit: Business Vehicle permit and Business Visitor permit. See below for the detailed terms and conditions for each type.

Business Vehicle Permit

6.7 A business vehicle permit is for use with a vehicle required by the business for its day-to-day operations, for example to undertake customer deliveries. This can be a passenger vehicle, car-derived van or goods vehicle. A business vehicle permit is vehicle specific and can only be used for the nominated vehicle.

6.8 You will need to provide evidence that the vehicle is registered to the business as the registered owner or keeper (V5 documents). If the vehicle is not registered to the business, you will need to supply evidence that it is insured for business use.

6.9 Digital business vehicle permits are available on a 12-monthly or six-monthly basis through MiPermit.

6.10 Upon application and once approved, you will be able to purchase a permit. Permits are virtual meaning there is nothing to display in the vehicle and there is no need to activate a parking stay when using this permit.

Business Visitor Permit

6.11 A business visitor permit can be used by the permit holder to activate a parking stay for a visitor to the business when using a passenger vehicle, car derived van or goods vehicle. A business visitor permit is not vehicle specific.

6.12 Digital business visitor permits are available on an annual or six-monthly basis through MiPermit.

6.13 Upon application and once approved, you will be able to purchase a permit and activate a parking stay for visitors through a Permit On Demand (POD) account in MiPermit. It is the permit holder’s responsibility to activate a parking stay upon each visitor’s arrival in order for the permit to be valid. See our website for details.

Eligibility and entitlement

6.14 The owner of a business located in a Resident Parking Zone, with the exception of businesses in the Central Zone, can apply for a business vehicle permit or business visitor permit. A business is entitled to a maximum of 2 permits in any combination.

6.15 Eligibility for either permit will be offset by the availability of any off-street parking at the business property. For example, a property with access to 1 off street parking space will have its eligibility for parking permits reduced by 1. You can read more about what constitutes an off street parking space on our website.

6.16 The business must be registered for Business Rates.

Permit costs

Business permit costs
Permit 12-month cost 6-month cost
1st £110 £55
2nd £165 £82.50
Total for 2 permits £275 £137.50