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Keynsham and Saltford: Site options

6.29  A variety of site options for development are set out in the following pages, which have been prepared in response to the key issues, priorities and objectives set out for this area. Explanation as to how each of the site options responds to the key issues, priorities and objectives is set out within the opportunities and constraints lists for each site option. Where mitigation or additional evidence work is required to achieve priorities and objectives, we also list these. Conflicts with priorities and objectives are also referenced.

6.30  The land parcels which make up the site options below have been assessed in more detail in various supporting documents, including the Housing and Economic Land Availability Assessment (HELAA), the Sustainability Appraisal (SA), the Keynsham and Saltford Area of Search Assessment, and the Strategic Planning Options Document (SPO). The table below sets out the HELAA and SA references relevant to each site option.

HELAA and SA Site References
Local Plan Site Option HELAA SA
North Keynsham K12, K13, K29Z, K30 K5
East of Avon Mill Lane - -
Central Keynsham 1 - 'Other sites'
Central Keynsham 2 - 'Other sites'
West Keynsham 1 K15a, K15b, K15c K2 and K3
West Keynsham 2 K15c K2 and K3
South East Keynsham K21, K22, K23 K1
West Saltford SAL27B, SAL28 S6
South Saltford SAL01, SAL01a, SAL02 S7

6.31 Within these documents, a number of additional sites have also been assessed, and discounted, for various reasons. These sites are not included in the site options in this chapter, for the reasons set out in the evidence base. However, this Options Document consultation provides an opportunity for stakeholders and communities to provide comments on these discounted sites, by suggesting alternative ideas in the form below.

6.32 The Council is also considering whether the potential for a new settlement to the south of Burnett, adjacent to the A39, should be explored. This potential opportunity that could provide housing, employment space, and other uses, towards the end of or beyond the Local Plan period, is being consulted on through this Options document.

6.33  Following consultation on these site options, a detailed assessment of the transport impact of each site will be undertaken, to inform selection of sites to be included in the Draft Plan. The cumulative impact of all sites included in the Draft Plan will also be assessed. Any site allocations in the Draft Plan will define site specific interventions required.  

Discussion questions

Question 1

Are there any other sites which haven't been identified, which you feel we should consider?

Status message

The Local Plan Options Consultation has closed