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Hicks Gate: Transport opportunities

6.78 Some of the key issues in the Hicks Gate area relate to transport and highways and a number of opportunities and potential interventions have been identified. These interventions will need more detailed consideration whilst working up the Draft Local Plan, including mechanisms for funding them:

  • As part of the City Regional Sustainable Transport Settlement, the Bristol to Bath Corridor project is being led by WECA and delivered in partnership with B&NES council and Bristol City council. It aims to improve travel between Bath and Bristol through better bus services and enabling more cycling and walking, through the delivery of a Mass Transit corridor which will pass along the A4 through Hicks Gate. The current scope of the project includes bus priority measures, road space reallocation, enhancement to bus stops, improved walking and cycling facilities and improvements to the public realm. The project intends to improve sustainable movement along the corridor.
  • The Park and Ride site at Brislington is proposed to be relocated, expanded, and increased in functionality to provide interchange between a variety of transport modes to provide a network of connections across the local area. The south west corner of the Hicks Gate Roundabout has been identified as the preferred location.
  • The new community will integrate with existing communities via a network of sustainable, accessible and green movement corridors, allowing people to access amenities and services in the Hicks Gate area and across the wider Keynsham and south-east Bristol area. Hicks Gate will be a low-car settlement, promoting limited through routes within the development and focusing on walking and cycling, and accessible and competitive public transport opportunities.
  • Improving public spaces and routes, including crossing facilities on the A4 to encourage people to use public transport and active modes of travel.
  • Existing pedestrian and cycle connections can be enhanced and integrated with new proposals across the area to ensure wider commuter routes north-south and east-west. It can connect the Hicks Gate area to Bristol, Stockwood, and Keynsham.
  • Extension of short-term E-scooter and E-Bike rental within the Hicks Gate area.
  • Additional bus routes to link with a greater range of places such as Keynsham, Whitchurch Village and Bristol’s East Fringe.
  • WEST Link Demand Responsive Travel (DRT) zones in Bath and North East Somerset and Bristol shows zones are currently located immediately to the east and west of the Hicks Gate study area. DRT could be used to connect an Interchange Hub at Hicks Gate, where passengers can gain access to a connecting bus or rail service to complete their journey.
  • Work with bus operators and other key stakeholders to decarbonise the bus fleet in the Hicks Gate area.
  • Introduce more Electric Vehicle charging points in the Hicks Gate area.