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Manor Road Community Woodland project

The purpose of this consultation

New funding to improve the woodland

Manor Road Community Woodland is already a popular green space which is well used by the local community. New housing developments in and around Keynsham, including the upcoming Hygge Park Development near the site, are likely to increase the number of people who will want to visit the Community Woodland in future. 

We plan to fund improvement work at Manor Road Community Woodland using Section 106 payments from the Hygge scheme and other local developments. Section 106 is money that councils receive from developers, to improve local amenities for residents that will live in new developments, as well as those already living in the area.

See how this project is part of our wider objectives
Improving open spaces for residents will help us as a council to improve people's lives: our main objective. Enhancements to the area's biodiversity, and new management plans to protect and manage valuable habitats, will also help us to address the Climate and Ecological Emergencies. This is another central aim which informs the work that we do for our community.

The role this consultation will play

This online survey will give us an opportunity to get a clearer idea of who's now using the Community Woodland and why. For example, we want to understand which parts of the woodland (marked A to D on the photo) are used most.

Manor Road Community Woodland, with areas from north to south marked A to D
Understanding where you spend most time in the woodland helps us to make decisions about how to prioritise spending on improvements

The first part of the survey asks about your habits as a visitor to the woodland. We then have several questions which give you an opportunity to express your opinion on different sorts of improvements we might make. Your answers will directly affect how we choose to spend the funding we have, to make the woodland more attractive and accessible to local people.

This consultation process will also give you a chance to have your say on how we manage the woodland in years to come. Your answers will also feed into our longer-term Woodland Management Plan, which we will be updating once the consultation process is over.