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Manor Road Community Woodland project

The Community Woodland Management Plan

We are running this public consultation primarily to help us to decide how to spend allocated funding on improving Manor Road Community Woodland. Your answers will also help us to update and maintain our Management Plan for the long-term care and maintenance of this local green space. 

The aims of the Plan

The Management Plan for Manor Road Community Woodland sets out how we hope to look after this green space safely and fairly, for the benefit of local people, the protection of resident wildlife, and the environment more generally.

Read more about the principles of the Management Plan

The Plan sets out the following core principles and aims:

  • The woodland will be managed primarily for the benefit of local people, wildlife, and the local landscape.
  • Management of the woodland's wildlife value will meet some of the objectives and priorities of our Local Biodiversity Action Plans.
  • Local people should be encouraged to be involved in the management of the woodland, and their views embodied in this plan.
  • The woodland's potential for use as an outdoor classroom for local schools and informal education opportunities should be maximised.
  • Accessibility of the woodland should be improved to adhere to the Disability Discrimination Act 1995, with advice sought from local disabled people.
  • Any access improvements should be for local people and those arriving by public transport, bicycle or on foot - no additional car parking will be provided, except disabled parking.
  • The safety of those using the woodland is paramount and should be regularly assessed.

The content of the Plan

The Management Plan covers issues such as the area's future, and its benefits to users and the natural environment. 

Read the Manor Road Community Woodland Management Plan in full.

Updating the Plan

The current Management Plan is now quite old, and we are working towards creating a new version. This consultation is an important part of that process. When the updated Plan is ready, we'll publish it on our website.