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Manor Road Community Woodland project

Have your say

Use this page to understand what we're consulting on, who we are consulting, how to have your say, and what happens next.

What we are consulting on

We are running this consultation to find out more about how and why local people are using Manor Road Community Woodland. We want to to know how you feel about this area of recreation land, and your opinions about potential improvements we may make in the future. We also want to give you an opportunity to make your own suggestions about how we could improve this green space for you. 

Who we are consulting

We are consulting users of Manor Road Community Woodland, and any other interested parties. 

We will consider all feedback and welcome your own suggestions.

How to respond to this consultation

We have created a short online survey to find out more about how you use the woodland, and what changes you might like to see. It should take no more than 10 minutes to complete, and you can respond anonymously if you want to.

Warning This consultation is now closed

What happens next

We will use the feedback from this consultation to inform our future plans for managing the community woodland, and help us to make decisions about the most important areas to spend our improvement budget on. 

View the project timeline for an overview of how we expect work to progress.