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Section 106 planning obligations

Planning obligations, also known as Section 106 agreements, are legal agreements we make with developers. These agreements cover measures, or obligations, to mitigate any negative effects of the development on the local area. Without these agreements, the developments would be unacceptable in planning terms.

These obligations cover the provision of things which are directly related to the new development and potential residents, for example:

  • Essential services such as affordable housing
  • Facilities such as transport infrastructure and green spaces

You should be aware that, depending on the nature, scale and location of your development, we make seek planning obligations through the Section 106 mechanism, in addition to the payment of the Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL).

The documents below give information on the provision of affordable housing as part of your development, and the other types of obligations and costs you may need to meet. For any major development, you will also need to submit a Draft Heads of Terms (see below) with your planning application.

Planning Obligations (Supplementary Planning Document)

Draft Heads of Terms

Section 106 Monitoring Fees

We charge a fixed fee for the monitoring of Section 106 agreements: £441 per obligation, to be written into all Section 106 agreements.

The fee is capped at £10,000 per legal agreement, and is payable on commencement of your development.