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Manor Road Community Woodland project

Potential improvement schemes

Our draft plans for improvement of Manor Road Community Woodland come from the aims already set out in our woodland Management Plan, as well as discussions we have had with the Friends of Manor Road group.

Our ideas

Possible improvement schemes include the following:

Safety and access

  • Improvements to gates and entrances to the woodland
    Photo of Manor Road Community Woodland, with entrances marked 1 to 10
    Aerial photo of Manor Park Community Woodland, with entrances marked 1 to 10
  • Work on the surface of pathways, to improve safety for all users, and accessibility for people using wheelchairs, prams and buggies, or mobility aids
  • Footbridge improvements, to improve safety and accessibility
  • Footpath signage and field boundary marking, to make it easier to know your way around the site
  • New seating around the site, to offer a place to rest, relax and enjoy the natural environment
  • A small car park, for visitors with extra mobility needs, and to encourage more visitors who live further away

Education, leisure and fun

  • Increased or improved signage, to offer greater information about the plants, animals and natural habitat of the site
  • New natural play facilities, such as wobble beams, den-building, stepping logs and rope swings
    Natural play features: wobble beams, den building, a tree trunk and a rope swing
    Natural play makes use of the woodland setting to give children an opportunity to engage with nature while having fun

Wildlife protection and enhancement

  • Improvement work on the existing pond
  • The addition of one or more new pond areas
  • Features to encourage or protect wildlife, such as log piles, bug hotels, bird and bat nesting boxes

Our progress so far

We are committed to making green spaces like Manor Road Community Woodland accessible to everyone. We've already made some repairs to footpaths and entrance gates, which are essential to make the woodland easier to use for a wider range of people. 

Of the other proposed schemes, we will prioritise safety and access, but are also keen to make a difference for both people and the natural environment.

Our funding is unlikely to cover all of the things we'd like to do, so it's really important to let us know more about how you use the woodland, and which plans will make most difference to your enjoyment of this area.