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Care and Support Charging and Financial Assessment Framework

11.3 Review of funding and six-monthly statements

Review of funding

Your interim funding will be reviewed after four months, this time frame should allow for an application to the Court of Protection or first registration of the property.

We will write to you if we require any further information from you and confirm the outcome of the review to you in writing – the Adult Social Care Commissioner will review the Interim Funding to verify that the proposed Interim Funding and the plans to be able to legally act do not place the Council at undue risk, while taking account of the Council’s responsibility to safeguard the individual in need of care.

Six-monthly statements

The Interim Funding starts to run from the start date notified (or at the end of a 12-week property disregard periods). We will produce statements of your accrued debt as in May for the period up to the 31 March and November for the period up to the 30 September each year.

The statement will show the following figures:

  • The original property valuation.
  • The equity available or maximum amount which can be borrowed under interim funding.
  • Any revised property valuation.
  • The revised equity available resulting from any change in the property value.
  • The total cost of care for the period to the statement date, split between assessed charge and deferred debt.
  • Payments received in settlement of the assessed charge.
  • The amount of any interest charges and administration costs added to the debt.
  • The total deferred debt outstanding including these interest and administration costs.
  • Balance of equity still available.
  • Approximate period this equity is expected to last.