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Care and Support Charging and Financial Assessment Framework

3. Principles of this framework

The development and review of this charging and financial assessment framework

When the government introduced the Care Act 2014 the Council as part of implementing this new legislation developed a charging and financial assessment framework. The framework will be reviewed regularly as set in Reviewing this charging and financial assessment framework

National Principles of Charging and Financial Assessment

This Charging and Financial Assessment Framework has been developed to meet national principles to:

  • Ensure that people are not charged more than is statutorily permissible for them to pay for care and support
  • Be comprehensive – to reduce variation in the way people are assessed and charged
  • Be clear and transparent – so people know what they will be charged
  • Promote wellbeing, social inclusion and support the vision of personalisation, independence, choice and control
  • Support carers to look after their own health and wellbeing and to care effectively and safely
  • Be person focused – reflecting the variety of care and options available to meet needs
  • Apply the charging rules consistently – so those people with similar needs or services are treated the same and anomalies are minimised
  • Be sustainable for the Council in the long term