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A4 Upper Bristol Road

Scheme overview

We want to improve safety for cyclists and pedestrians using the A4 Upper Bristol Road in Bath. The proposed improvements will be between the junctions with Charlotte Street and Midland Road.

We plan to reduce traffic congestion and noise, encourage more active and environmentally friendly travel, and change the character of the road in the following ways:

  • Creating cycle lanes which are separated from other road traffic, including buses
  • Reducing the speed limit for motor traffic to 20mph
  • Moving on-street parking to nearby areas
  • Improvements to junctions to make them safer for pedestrians to cross
  • Redesigning bus stops, providing bus shelters

You can see in detail what we're proposing, and have your say on our plans, in the following pages.

Image of a bus stop cycle lane bypass and a continuous walkway
Google images of road safety improvements which are similar to our proposals: a 'floating' bus stop with a cycle lane bypass and a continuous footway at a road junction
Instructions on how to use our mapping tool
For an interactive map of the project area, use the button below. On the map, you can click on any section of the marked scheme roads to view more detailed documents:
  • Google satellite images of the current road layout and markings
  • Plan drawings of the changes we are proposing 

Compare current and proposed road layouts

View a webinar discussing this and other proposed active travel schemes