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A4 Upper Bristol Road

Detailed plans: for cyclists

New cycle lanes

We plan to create cycle lanes on both sides of the Upper Bristol Road, between the junctions with Charlotte Street and Midland Road.

How we will improve safety

We plan to separate the new cycle path from motor traffic in the following ways:

  • By using bollards and splitter islands to separate cyclists from other vehicles. View similar traffic separators
  • By providing bypasses at bus stops, so that cyclists can remain within the cycle lane, even if there is a stationary bus. View a similar scheme.
Instructions on how to use our mapping tool
For an interactive map of the project area, use the button below. On the map, you can click on any section of the marked scheme roads to view more detailed documents:
  • Google satellite images of the current road layout and markings
  • Plan drawings of the changes we are proposing 
Compare current and proposed road layouts