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A4 Upper Bristol Road

Detailed plans: for motorists

Measures to make the road safer

Driving speed

Adding cycle lanes to Upper Bristol Road will narrow the carriageway, and so we are proposing to  reduce the current 30mph speed limit to 20mph. This lower speed limit, and the separation of cyclist from motor traffic, should make this stretch of road safer for all road users. 

View a map of the area covered by the proposed new speed limit

Our improvements for pedestrians will also aim to reduce driving speed when approaching the junctions where side streets meet the Upper Bristol Road.

Parking and waiting

Our proposals include a ban on loading and unloading in on Upper Bristol Road in the morning and afternoon peak periods, to help keep traffic flowing.

If the scheme goes ahead, it will be necessary to remove 40 on-street parking spaces along the section of Upper Bristol Road where the cycle lanes are proposed. These space would be re-provided in the following ways:

  • creating 19 additional spaces within zone 6 by removal of single and double yellow lines
  • converting 14 shared use bays in Marlborough Lane to residents’ only
  • converting 12 Pay and Display bays in Royal Avenue to residents’ only
  • proposals to change how hotel, guest house and holiday let permits operate which will remove competition for on-street residents permits spaces by moving these users into Charlotte Street car park. There are currently 41 such permits in Zone 6. 

View details of the Upper Bristol Road parking proposals

View general details of new parking policy plans in Bath

Instructions on how to use our mapping tool
For an interactive map of the project area, use the button below. On the map, you can click on any section of the marked scheme roads to view more detailed documents:
  • Google satellite images of the current road layout and markings
  • Plan drawings of the changes we are proposing 
Compare current and proposed road layouts