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Supplier's guide to selling to the council

Types of procurement agreement

There are several types of agreement that we offer when procuring goods, works and services. The following are types of agreement that you may come across when selling to the council.

To understand when in the process most agreements are made, it may be useful to read our step-by-step guide to selling to the council when using the Open (one-stage) process, which is the most common.

Types of agreement


A public supply, service or works contract between us (the authority) and you (the supplier), concluded after the Award Decision is announced.


A collaborative agreement between one or more authorities with one or more suppliers. This agreement establishes the terms that govern contracts that are awarded during a specific period.

Call-off from Framework

Call-offs are used when a Framework Agreement already exists. The call-off contract covers final terms and conditions (including price)

Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS)

An agreement like a Framework for off the shelf works, services and goods which are commonly available on the market. Unlike a framework, new suppliers can join a DPS at anytime.