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Open (one-stage) process step-by-step

This step by step guide is a general overview of the process of selling goods, works and services to the council. Use it to understand how the process works when using our online procurement portal, Supplying the Southwest.

We use our online procurement portal to buy the vast majority of our goods, works and services.

For supplementary information, please read the full supplier's guide.

  1. Find a suitable contract 1

    We advertise all contracts worth over £5,000 on our online portal, Supplying the Southwest.

    WarningWe also procure using external frameworks. Each framework will provide its own instructions, and this step-by-step only applies to our own procurement portal, Supplying the Southwest.

    Register for our online portal

    To use our online portal, access tender documents, information, further instruction and to monitor your progress, you will need to register with Supplying the Southwest.

    Registration is free. When you have set up your company’s profile and specified the type of opportunity you are interested in, you will be automatically alerted of any relevant opportunities.  

    Using the portal allows you to submit tender documents electronically and ask any questions related to the contract you may be tendering for by using the discussion section.  

    If you need help with using the portal, or with any technical issues, please visit the help and guidance section on the website.  

    Register now


  2. Step 2

    1. In order to complete your tender application, you will need to refer to the online portal and download a set of documents to complete your application.

      The online portal will provide a complete pack of documents, including information and instructions on how to complete your application. As a minimum, these documents include:

      • Specification
      • Evaluation criteria
      • Terms and conditions
      • Pricing schedule
      • Instructions on how to return tender documents

    For more information on what each of these documents mean and what they're used for, please refer to the full Supplier's Guide

    If any of these documents are missing from the portal, please contact us using the messaging facility on the portal.

  3. Step 3

    When you have downloaded the documents, complete the application and return it to us using the online portal.

    WarningThe document pack will include a list of all documents that need to be completed and returned. Please ensure that you have returned each of these documents and answered the questions in full. Partially completed documents will not be considered.  

    If you have any issues or queries when completing the application, please contact us using the messaging facility on the portal.

    You must submit your application on or before the deadline stated on the online portal.  Late submissions will not be considered.


  4. Step 4

    Following the application deadline, we evaluate all submissions and select the winner.

    There is a short process when awarding the contract itself, as follows:

    • We will inform the winning applicant of our intention to award in writing.
    • We inform all other applicants that they have been unsuccessful in writing.
    • For some high value or high risk contracts, we enforce a 10 day 'standstill' where unsuccessful applicants have the opportunity to challenge the intention to award.
    • If you are unsuccessful, we will issue feedback.
  5. Step 5 

    Congratulations! You are now a supplier to the council.

    If you are unsuccessful, we will provide feedback about your bid. Within the bounds of commercial confidentiality, the Responsible Officer will inform you of which areas of your tender were strongest and where there may be room for improvement and development.