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On-street parking permits terms and conditions - April 2021

Zero emission vehicle permit offer

10.1 In support of our aims to improve air quality and promote the use of zero emission vehicles, we are offering a limited number of some of our parking permits, for permit users with a zero emissions vehicle.

10.2 This discount is offered on a first-come, first-served basis until March 2022, as part of a trial.

10.3 If the vehicle is eligible for a discounted permit at the time of application, you will be given the option to select this offer at the point of purchase.

10.4 If you accept the discount option, you will not be permitted to change the vehicle registered against the permit. If you need a parking permit for use with more than one vehicle, you must purchase a standard permit at the relevant permit cost.

10.5 View the table below for the cost of special offer zero emission permits.

Visitor permit annual entitlement and cost
Permit type Normal cost Zero emission offer

Residents' Permit

1st permit

2nd permit


£50 to £200

£80 to £320

£10 per permit

Business Permit

1st permit

2nd permit







Medical Permit £60 £30
GP Permit £100 £50