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On-street parking permits terms and conditions - April 2021

Hotel permits

General information

7.1 We encourage all visitors to use sustainable modes of transport, such as public transport, to reduce vehicle emissions and improve air quality for all. We recognise that some visitors will opt to travel by car. Hotels, guest houses, holiday let owners, and other similar establishments may therefore wish to offer parking to their guests as part of their package when staying at the establishment.

7.2 Hotel Permits are available to establishments shown in 7.1 above, to allow parking stays to be activated for guests on their behalf. Valid parking stays enable guests to park their vehicle at Charlotte Street Long Stay car park, Avon Street car park and Manvers Street car park, when there is space available. They do not provide reserved parking in specific bays.

7.3 Parking stays are valid for 24 hours and start from noon on the activation date and end at noon the following day. It is possible to activate stays lasting multiple days.

7.4 A national parking exemption allows vehicles to stop on single and double yellow lines where it is safe to do so, for the purpose of loading and unloading. This exemption also applies in Bath for residents' permit bays and may be used by guests wishing to drop off or collect luggage at their destination.

7.5 This exemption is not intended to be used to allow guests to check into hotels as any loading and unloading activity must be a continuous activity, as observed by a Civil Enforcement Officer. Cars which are left unattended may receive a PCN (Penalty Charge Notice).

7.6 The concierge or business manager may wish to direct the guest(s) to the car park following arrival, or provide a parking valet service.

7.7 When parking at a council car park, guests must comply with the terms and conditions for parking, as advertised in the car park. Failure to comply may result in the issue of a Penalty Charge Notice.

7.8 Activating a parking permit stay does not guarantee a parking space at a long stay car park, or entitle the permit user to park in a reserved bay.

7.9 A hotel parking permit is not valid at any other short stay car park or on-street parking bay.

7.10 Digital hotel permits are available through MiPermit.

7.11 Upon application and once approved, you will be able to activate parking stays for visitors through a Permit On Demand (POD) account in MiPermit. It is the permit holder’s responsibility to activate a parking stay upon the guest’s arrival, in order for the permit to be valid.

7.12 Parking stays can be activated in advance, for example at the time of the reservation booking. A parking stay can be cancelled, if done so before the start time of the stay booked.

7.13 Parking stays are no longer limited by the number of rooms at the establishment or the availability of on-street parking.


7.14 The owner or business manager of a hotel, guest house, or holiday let located in a Residential Parking Zone may apply for a hotel permit account.

7.15 The business must be registered for Business Rates.

Cost of parking stays

7.16 Hotel permit parking stays are charged at the 24-hour parking rate at a long stay car park. The start and end time runs from noon to noon.

7.17 Multiple-day stays are charged at the equivalent multiples of the daily rate. No discount is available for longer stays.

7.18 No reduction or refund is provided for any part-days not required within an activated stay.

7.19 All parking charges incurred on the account are charged against the registered bank card on a daily basis. Alternative payment periods may be available upon request and at our discretion.

7.20 No refund will be provided for an activated parking stay, in the event that a parking space is not available at any of our long stay car parks.