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On-street parking permits terms and conditions - April 2021

Residents' on-street permits


3.1 Residents' Parking Schemes operate across Bath & North East Somerset, including in areas of Bath, Keynsham and Peasedown St John. You can find out which parking zone you live in by checking the maps on our Residents' parking permits web page.

3.2 Residents' Parking permits give priority to permit holders to park their own vehicles within a reasonable distance of their homes during the operational hours of the parking zone in which they reside. They do not guarantee a space and are not intended to solve all parking problems.

3.3 Digital Residents' Parking permits are available on 12- or 6-monthly terms through MiPermit.

3.4 Proof of residency is required as part of the application process.

3.5 Bath Residents' Permit holders can park in all on-street residents' parking bays and all-on street pay and display bays located in the zone they reside in.

3.6 Central Zone and Zone 6 permit holders are permitted to park within Charlotte Street car park between 5.30pm and 10am, free of charge.

3.7 Keynsham Residents' Permit holders are permitted to park in on-street residents' parking bays in the street that their permit is valid for: Mayfields, Rock Road, or Labbotts.

3.8 Peasedown St John Residents' Permit holders are permitted to park on Bath Road, Peasedown St John.

3.9 Residents' parking permits cannot be used to park in Pay & Display only parking bays or time limited waiting parking bays.

3.10 The charge paid for a Residents' Parking permit covers the membership, administration, maintenance and enforcement of permit schemes. We will not provide a refund if a permit is no longer required, or unable to be used.

3.11 We will transfer an existing permit to a newly purchased property address, subject to proof of residency and the property being eligible for a residents' parking permit.

Vehicle emissions-based permits

3.12 Permit costs are based on a vehicle's carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions, in line with the DVLA Vehicle Excise Duty (VED) classifications (bands match 1st April 2017 classification). Vehicles where there is no VED emissions rating available, including all vehicles registered before 2001, are charged at a standard level, based on engine capacity, matching the approach to VED.

3.13 You can check your vehicle's emissions rating or engine capacity free of charge online.

3.14 A 25% surcharge applies for diesel vehicles, due to higher Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2) emissions.

3.15 The permit cost is based on the highest polluting vehicle pre-registered to the permit at the time of purchase.

3.16 Permits are only valid for the vehicle registration marks pre-registered when the permit is purchased via a MiPermit account. A maximum of 4 vehicles can be registered per permit, at the point of purchase .

3.16.1 If more than one vehicle is added to a permit, only 1 vehicle can use the permit at a time. It is the account holder’s responsibility to ensure the correct vehicle registration mark is active against the permit.

3.17 If you have a change in vehicle and need to update your permit, you can only do this by emailing or calling 01225 47 71 33. A £10 administration charge is payable for any vehicle registration mark changes that are accepted.

3.17.1 If the new vehicle is in a higher emissions band than the vehicles already registered to the permit, the permit must be cancelled and a new permit purchased. This will be charged at the rate for the vehicle with the highest emissions classification. See the table of permit costs at 3.25. No refund will be provided.


3.18 You can apply as a resident if you live and sleep more than four nights a week at a residence within a residents' parking zone.

3.19 Permits are for use by residents when using their own vehicle to park within the parking zone where they reside.

3.20 Permits are linked to the resident’s property and are subject to proof of residence. You cannot have a resident’s permit for more than 1 zone.

3.21 Due to limited on street space, residents' parking permits are restricted to a maximum of 2 permits per residence, except for Bath Central Zone and Peasedown St John, which are restricted to 1 permit per residence.

3.22 The vehicle used with the permit must be registered with the DVLA to the applicant's residential property address within a residents' parking zone. The vehicle registration document (VC5) must be provided within 21 days of any request by Parking Services. Failure to provide information may lead to the permit being cancelled. No refund will be provided.

Zones, operational hours, and permit entitlement

3.23 The operating hours and permit entitlement for each residents' parking zone are shown in the table below.

Permit entitlement and hours
Zone Hours (Mon to Sun) Maximum permit entitlement
Central Zone 8am to 7pm  1
Zone 1 8am to 7pm 2
Zones 2 to 14 8am to 6pm 2
Zones 15 to 16 8am to 7pm 2
Zones 17 to 18 8am to 6pm 2
Zones A, B and C 8am to 6pm 2
Mayfields, Rock Road, Labbotts 8am to 6pm 2
Peasedown St John
6, 7 and 8 Bath Road only 8am to 6pm 1

3.24 Entitlement within zones 17 and 18 and Peasedown St John will be offset by the availability of any off-street parking at the residential property. For example, a property with access to 1 off-street parking space will have its eligibility for parking permits reduced by 1. This condition will apply to any new approved residents' parking zones, and may apply to other zones upon review. See Section 12 for information on what constitutes an ‘off-street parking space’.

Permit costs

3.25 The table below shows the proposed annual charges for emissions-based residents' parking permits. Please note the following:

  • Not all locations allow for a 2nd parking permit. See 3.23 to know the maximum number of permits your residence will be entitled to.
  • The charges below are for 12 months. You can also buy a six-month permit, at 50% of the cost.
  • Diesel vehicles will have to pay 25% more than non-diesel vehicles, as they have higher Nitrogen Dioxide emissions.
  • The cost of a 2nd permit refers to the cost of that permit alone, and is not a cumulative cost for both permits. So, for example, if your 1st permit costs £125, and your 2nd permit costs £200, the total cost to purchase both permits will be £325.
Annual cost per emissions-based parking permit
  Non-diesel vehicle permits Diesel vehicle permits
  1st  2nd  1st  2nd 
VED band (g CO2 per km)
0 £50 £80 £62.50 £100
1 to 50 £100 £160 £125 £200
51 to 75 £100 £160 £125 £200
76 to 90 £100 £160 £125 £200
91 to 100 £100 £160 £125 £200
101 to 110 £100 £160 £125 £200
111 to 130 £100 £160 £125 £200
131 to 150 £105 £168 £131.25 £210
151 to 170 £110 £176 £137.50 £220
171 to 190 £115 £184 £143.75 £230
191 to 225 £120 £192 £150 £240
226 to 255 £125 £200 £156.25 £250
Over 255 £130 £208 £162.50 £260
Pre-2001 engine capacity (cc)
0 to 1555 £125 £200 £156.25 £250
1551 to 1950 £150 £240 £187.50 £300
1951 to 2950 £175 £280 £218.75 £350
Over 2950 £200 £320 £250 £400