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Journey to Net Zero: Reducing the environmental impact of transport in Bath

Cleaner, greener school travel

WarningThe report on this page is an earlier consultation version of the Journey to Net Zero Transport Plan. Significant changes were then made to this report as part of the final adopted version
Enabling healthier, safer, and greener ways to travel to and from school

Why is it important?

Schools are one of the most productive areas for encouraging sustainable travel, with children particularly aware of environmental challenges and eager to walk or cycle.

School pupils should have the opportunity to travel to and from their place of education in healthier, safer and greener ways by removing existing barriers and providing new opportunities for travel.

Bar chart showing percentage of students travelling to school by walking, car, bus, cycling, and other

Travel to school by pupils in B&NES

As part of the Journey to Net Zero consultation in early 2021, respondents strongly supported all concepts presented in providing cleaner, greener school travel.

What are we doing about it?

Current projects

The projects that have been implemented, are in development, or are in progress are:

Future projects

The projects that we are looking to deliver in the future are: