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Journey to Net Zero: Reducing the environmental impact of transport in Bath

Giving people a bigger say

WarningThe report on this page is an earlier consultation version of the Journey to Net Zero Transport Plan. Significant changes were then made to this report as part of the final adopted version

Giving people a bigger say is one of the two core policies within our Corporate Strategy. To inform the development of the plan, a public consultation was held in early 2021 to give the people of Bath and North East Somerset an opportunity to have a say on their priorities for transport in the next 10 years.

Following a series of stakeholder workshops, we established a set of transport themes that considered the challenges identified in our 2020 transport delivery plan, the Current and Future Report:

  • Better public transport options
    Delivering a range of public transport options to improve connectivity for all

  • Providing for travel by bike and on foot
    Reducing the intrusion of vehicles, to enable a bike- and pedestrian-friendly city

  • Creating improved places to live and work
    Creating better connected, healthier and more sustainable communities through more efficient use of road space

  • Cleaner, greener school travel
    Enabling healthier, safer and greener ways to travel to and from school

  • Supporting future mobility
    Exploiting the opportunities presented by evolving transport technology, to improve physical connectivity

  • Connecting Bath to rural communities and market towns
    Improving connectivity on routes between Bath and the wider district

In our previous consultation on these themes, respondents were asked to select the transport themes of most importance to them. From more than 1,000 responses, these were the most popular themes:

  • Better public transport options
  • Providing for travel by bike and on foot

The consultation report provides a summary of the outcomes of the consultation. The figure below shows some of the most commonly used words and phrases used in people's responses.

A cloud made up from the most commonly used words in response to the consultation

Consultation responses Word Cloud

This plan is structured around the transport themes described above. For each one, we consider the following:

  • Why and how the issue is particularly important
  • The measures we are already committed to, or have already delivered
  • Projects we are currently developing
  • Future projects which we may need to deliver the step-change required

We will seek your views on the future projects as they develop, to ensure we are meeting the needs of local people.