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Journey to Net Zero: Reducing the environmental impact of transport in Bath

Supporting future mobility

WarningThe report on this page is an earlier consultation version of the Journey to Net Zero Transport Plan. Significant changes were then made to this report as part of the final adopted version
Exploit the opportunities presented by evolving transport technology, to improve physical connectivity

Why is it important?

For Bath to maintain its status as a vibrant city with a strong economic footprint, it is essential for the city to be resilient and capable of adapting to changes in transport and mobility. These changes have come about largely as a result of advances in digitisation and the emergence of new technologies and business models. Bath’s transport network must be ready to exploit the opportunities presented by evolving transport technology.

Line graph showing the increasing number of low emission vehicles licensed in B&NES since 2013

Number of ultra-low emission vehicles licensed in B&NES

As part of the consultation in early 2021, widescale electric vehicle charging, integrated public and shared transport services, and electric-based shared transport schemes were the most popular concepts for supporting resilient mobility.

What are we doing about it?

Current projects

The projects that have been implemented, are in development, or are in progress are:

Future projects

The projects that we are looking to deliver in the future are: