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Hire arrangements

April 2024 to March 2025

The first payment you will be required to make is the non refundable administration fee, this will be charged at the point you submit an application.

50% of the land hire charge will be required on acceptance of the event booking with the remaining balance due at least 6 months prior to your event.

Finally a refundable deposit bond will be required at least 8 weeks prior to the event.

We will send a charge sheet with payment instructions so you can make the required payments. Once all payments have been received and the application has been approved, a Licence for Land Hire will be issued.

Read our Terms and Conditions. Please make sure you read this document thoroughly, as you will be bound by the conditions stated within the Land Hire Agreement.

Peak season: April-September, Off-peak: October-March

Hire prices

Title Off-peak charity Off-peak commercial Peak charity Peak commercial
Alexandra Park £320.00 £639.00 £320.00 £639.00
Bloomfield Green £320.00 £556.00 £320.00 £556.00
Brickfields Park £320.00 £639.00 £320.00 £639.00
Firs Field £320.00 £639.00 £320.00 £639.00
Green Park £320.00 £639.00 £320.00 £639.00
Hedgemead Park £320.00 £639.00 £320.00 £639.00
Henrietta Park £320.00 £639.00 £320.00 £639.00
Kensington Meadows £320.00 £639.00 £320.00 £639.00
Keynsham Memorial Park £320.00 £639.00 £320.00 £639.00
Lansdown North Playing Fields £320.00 £639.00 £320.00 £639.00
Lansdown South Playing Fields £278.00 £556.00 £278.00 £556.00
Moorlands Park £320.00 £639.00 £320.00 £639.00
Parade Gardens £659.00 £1,318.00 £879.00 £1,757.00
Pennyquick Park £320.00 £639.00 £320.00 £639.00
Pigeon Park £314.00 £314.00 £314.00 £314.00
Queen Square £659.00 £1,318.00 £879.00 £1,757.00
Royal Victoria Park - Bandstand £659.00 £1,318.00 £879.00 £1,757.00
Royal Victoria Park - Botanical Gardens £659.00 £1,318.00 £879.00 £1,757.00
Royal Victoria Park - Middle Common £659.00 £1,318.00 £879.00 £1,757.00
Royal Victoria Park - Royal Crescent Lower Lawn £5,093.00 £5,093.00 £5,093.00 £5,093.00
Royal Victoria Park - The Dell £659.00 £1,318.00 £879.00 £1,757.00
Springfield Park £320.00 £639.00 £320.00 £639.00
Sydney Gardens £659.00 £1,318.00 £879.00 £1,757.00
The Circus £320.00 £639.00 £320.00 £639.00
The Hollies Garden £320.00 £639.00 £320.00 £639.00
Weston Recreation Ground £320.00 £639.00 £320.00 £639.00

Peak season: April-September, Off-peak: October-March

Build and break days are charged at half the daily rate.

Your venue hire fees total will include an administration fee, the land hire charge, a refundable deposit bond, and there may be additional fees for optional extra services. See below for details.

Standard fees

All events will need to pay an admin fee.

Administration fee

We charge a non-refundable administration fee of £95+VAT (£114) for checking, validating and processing applications. This is payable at the point of submitting your event application via Event App.

See administration fees for multiple or larger events below.

Administration Fee
Event type Price
Standard fee £95+VAT (£114)
Multiple events - A series of similar events, such as a regular market £190+VAT (£228)
Major events £190+VAT (£228)

Deposit bond

A land hire deposit bond (£500 - £5000, depending on the size and nature of your event) will be required at least 8 weeks prior to your event. We will return the bond within 28 days of you leaving the site (if returnable in whole or in part). 

The deposit could be forfeited in whole or in part for breach of, Limit on use of the Site, Nuisance or Damage. 

Optional extras

Depending on the nature and size of your event, you may ask us to supply additional services or facilities to support you.

Water and power supply

Water and power are available in some parks and open spaces, at an additional cost of £28 per service, per day.

Council officer support

If a council officer is required to attend the event for any reason, we will charge at a flat rate of £102 per hour.

Special bookings and provisions

  • Boules bookings - £30 per terrain, per session
  • Forest schools (one session per week) - £31 admin charge plus £7 per session, or £116 per year 
  • Fitness Trainer Fees (unlimited sessions in all parks) - 12 months: £690, 6 months: £518, 3 months: £345 plus £95+VAT(£114) admin charge.
  • Hot air balloon lift or tether in parks - price on application
  • The council can provide you with an event control room in the Civic Centre, Keynsham. Please see CCTV webpage for details. 

To discuss your needs in more detail use our enquiry form, providing as many details as you can

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